“As my Poll numbers go higher & higher, the Communists, Marxists, & Fascists get more & more CRAZY with their ridiculous Indictments & Election Interference plans & plots, all controlled by an out of control, & very corrupt, DOJ/FBI. They have WEAPONIZED Law Enforcement in America at a level not seen before. Deranged Jack Smith, who is a sick puppet for A.G. Garland & Crooked Joe Biden, should be DEFUNDED & put out to rest. Republicans must get tough or the Dems will steal another Election. MAGA!”

President Trump on Truth Social

We Were Built to Last

By Diane Scherff

Take a step back and reflect for a moment if you will. On the heels of our country’s Independence Day celebration this week, we should never forget our story…how a group of British colonies on the Atlantic Coast in North America gathered in Philadelphia almost 250 years ago to decide the fate of our great Nation. The New England Colonies, which included New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut; the Middle Colonies, which included New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware; and the Southern Colonies, which included Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, grew tired of the increased taxation and government control from England. Some representatives were adamant about breaking away from England, while others wanted to stay under the King’s rule and several landed in the middle.

Pennsylvania and New York leaned towards remaining with King George, and the southern colonies feared the loss of revenue from England’s cotton trade. As the debate raged on, they knew it had to be all or nothing. Miraculously, they came together and unanimously voted in favor of independence from England on July 2nd, and readied for signature on July 4th.

Our Nation’s birth is directly attributed to these brave men who stood up to the British military Empire, against all odds and won. This David and Goliath story rests in the hearts of each American, as we continue to fight the British Rothchild regime which has been working tirelessly for 100 years to gain back control of the United States of America.

We must be ready to fight for what is ours. As John Alexander writes in an article, “Our United States of America is the only country in the history of Mankind that is founded on those three things: The right to live. The right to be free. The right to pursue your dreams and your happiness. And the recognition that those three most-precious rights came from our “Creator”, not some king or government.”

These men who have faded into that past, barely mentioned in our schools anymore, took the ultimate risk for the pursuit of life, liberty and freedom. It is our duty as Americans to continue this fight against the many evil factions trying to divide, dismantle, destroy and conquer our great nation today.


Dear Trump Supporters,

ALERT: Florida GOP to require loyalty pledge for 2024 candidates to participate in primary; TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (FLV) – The Republican Party of Florida will require all 2024 presidential primary candidates to sign a loyalty pledge, vowing to support the eventual nominee in the general election.

“The days of outlier party grifters – such as Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger – using Republican Party resources to secure a title and then weaponize that title against our own team must end,” said Christian Ziegler, chairman of the Florida GOP. “Contested primaries are part of the process, but we must always remember that the Democrats are the true threat to the America we love and we must be unified to defeat every single one of them.” READ MORE

President Trump previously said that he could not commit to a loyalty pledge because it would “depend on who the nominee was.” Here we goooooo.

Trump’s Campaign raised over $35 million; As part of the Trump Campaign Finance team, I’ve seen the millions of donations that come in from millions of people, not just a few high-dollar donors as with other candidates. In the second quarter of this year, the Trump campaign raised over $35 million with an average contribution of $34.20 per donor. That means we have over a million small donors, average Americans, who support President Trump just as we did in 2016 and 2020.

In 2016, more people donated to President Trump than in previous presidential campaigns, many contributing for the first time ever. This speaks volumes as to how many Americans now see the truth.

Sound of Freedom fought Disney and won; Getting this outstanding movie to theaters was not about cinematic accolades but awakening the masses to the disgusting multi-billion dollar industry of child/sex trafficking, which is why Disney held it ransom. The film was completed in 2018 and a distribution deal was struck with 20th Century Fox. Disney then bought the studio and quickly shelved the film. The filmmakers spent years trying to get the distribution rights back from Disney and take it to theaters. Disney did not want to expose child trafficking, let that sink in.

Sound of Freedom, starring Jim Caviezel is based on the true story of former federal agent Tim Ballard and his mission to save children from human trafficking. As I have reported for the last two years, the producer struggled to get the movie to theatres. Angel Studios agreed to distribute and used equity crowdfunding to raise the funds needed to distribute and market the film. Over 7,000 people invested, allowing Angel to meet its $5 million goal in two weeks.

We pushed for $2 million tickets to be sold on opening day this week through ‘pay it forward’ and box office sales. On its first day, the film took the number one spot at the box office, grossing over $14 million beating out Disney’s “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” which played in nearly 2,000 more theaters. The franchise sequel only took in $11 million and the second-place-slot on July 4.

Thank you to all of those who bought tickets. Please continue to spread awareness on this issue! Everyone should see this movie.

Secret Service Confirms Cocaine Was Found In West Wing Phone Cubby Hours After Hunter Biden Visit; The media’s portrayal of said substance found in the White House reads like a Nancy Drew Novel.

“One day after leaked radio intercepts revealed that a “mystery” substance was found over the weekend inside the White House and – after leading to a brief evacuation over hazmat fears – was “cocaine-like”, the US Secret Service on Wednesday confirmed what everyone already knew – the powdery substance found inside the White House over the weekend is cocaine.”

While the greatest minds in detective work solve this obviously ridiculous puzzle (it was Hunter), I wonder if this is another psyop or if Hunter is really that stupid.

DeSantis’s Iranian Donors Bankrolled Pelosi, Bashed Trump, & Backed Obama/Biden’s Iran Nuclear Deal; Campaign donations are the darlings of ‘quid pro quo.’ Meaning, follow the money. New revelations surfaced of Iranian donors to the Ron DeSantis campaign. Mori and Forough Hosseini have been supporters of Ron for a while. The club of recipients of the Hosseini’s support is an interesting one that includes Nancy Pelosi, Jamie Raskin, Friends of Hillary Clinton, Friends of Anthony Weiner, Paul Ryan, Dan Crenshaw, Ben Sasse, and … Ron DeSantis.

Our Governor even reciprocated by appointing Forough Hosseini, a Democrat, to serve on the Florida Children and Youth Cabinet in 2019. READ ARTICLE

As this political onion continues to peel, we are seeing too many negatives here with DeSantis. Which is extremely disappointing, especially due to all the work I have done for him and his campaign.

The United Nations is trying to seize ‘global emergency powers’ and deep state puppet Biden is in support; According to the Gateway Pundit, the far-left United Nations is trying to seize ‘global emergency’ powers and is doing so with the blessing of Joe Biden. Although it’s not a surprise since this is part of their Agenda 2030, it is scary. For the United Nations to blatantly expose its evil plan for one-world government control means they are moving closer to grasping tyrannical power. THE FEDERALIST REPORT

The UN has already proposed the ‘Pandemic Treaty’ which would put the World Health Organization in the role of a temporary world governing body to supersede all governments. If folks do not see what’s happening now, they are blind.

FDA blasted for ‘misleading’ mRNA COVID vaccine labels as ‘sudden death’ research mounts; According to a new report, Researchers around the world continue documenting potentially severe side effects from COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in certain demographics, but the Food and Drug Administration refuses to label them or even tell recipients the shots can’t stop transmission of an increasingly immune-evasive virus.

Autopsies and reviews of medical records revealed a much higher incidence of Pfizer and Moderna vaccine-associated heart deaths than officially categorized in South Korean, Japanese and Qatari government registries, particularly in younger people at lower risk from COVID. That echoes a German autopsy study of healthy people who died within 20 days of jabs.

Ashe in America states, “The FDA refusing to accurately label the poison jabs is further evidence that we lack informed consent when it comes to the pharmaceutical cartel. this week, the judge in Missouri v Biden DENIED the plaintiffs’ motion to enjoin and constrain the FDA from colluding with social media companies to censor speech. In other words, the FDA can still collaborate with Twitter to ban anyone who shares these medical experts’ studies. And the info war rages on.”

St. Johns GOP chair criticized after chaotic meeting leads to 911 call, charges pursued; Political leaders and activists criticized St. John’s County GOP Chairman Blake Paterson after a chaotic June 1 meeting included a 911 call and the party’s vice chair later pressing charges. Following the meeting, the REC lost its venue at the First Coast Technical College as a “direct result of the events” during the June meeting, according to an email sent from Paterson to members.

During the June 1 REC meeting, Paterson made a 911 call for an alleged “ruckus,” asking police to remove some people. READ MORE

Also, see the video of the 911 call: WATCH VIDEO

Threads vs Twitter; Threads is a copy and paste of Twitter, with the complete censorship of the controllers. Meta is desperately looking for a new pathway to control speech since they no longer can collaborate with Twitter, their most important weapon in the information war.

Ben & Jerry’s Says ‘US Exists on Stolen Indigenous Land’; On Independence Day this week, Ben & Jerry’s declared that the United States exists on stolen land that must be returned, starting with Mount Rushmore.

“This 4th of July, it’s high time we recognize that the US exists on stolen Indigenous land and commit to returning it,” the ice cream brand tweeted on the national holiday.

The company went further on its website, saying traditional Independence Day celebrations can “distract” from “an essential truth.” The only essential truth right now is that this company is clueless. It’s time to put down that Cherry Garcia…STOP BUYING THEIR ICE CREAM!!!

List of SJC Local Races in 2024

God Bless,
Diane Scherff
Trump Club of St Johns County

Follow me on Telegram: Trump Patriots #DScherff
Truth Social: @NFLconservativeleader


1) Biden Appeal Opens a New Front in Battle Over Internet Speech
The Biden administration’s battle with Republican-led states over free-speech limits escalated with its appeal of a judge’s sweeping order barring federal officials and agencies from communicating with social media companies over postings they deem objectionable. It’s the latest example of the judiciary flexing its muscles in cases testing the bounds of the First Amendment online. READ MORE

2) Trump aide Walt Nauta pleads not guilty to charges in Mar-a-Lago classified documents case
Walt Nauta, an aide to former President Donald Trump, entered a not-guilty plea Thursday to multiple charges related to the alleged mishandling of classified materials at Mar-a-Lago. Nauta also hired a new attorney based in Florida to represent him in the case after having difficulties retaining a lawyer licensed in the state, The Associated Press reported.

Nauta was charged with Trump last month for allegedly mishandling classified documents. His arraignment had been postponed multiple times due to his attorney issues and problems with travel. READ MORE

3) The Fed Launches Phase One
The Great Reset’s worldwide social credit system has arrived.

In a recent Time Magazine article, Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates hedge funds warned that the world is on the brink of disaster. He came to this conclusion based on current events that haven’t happened since the nineteen thirties. The largest amounts of debt and inflation. The biggest gaps in wealth and values resulting in the rise of populism on both the left and the right against the elites. And the greatest international conflict between world powers, most importantly between the U.S. and China. READ MORE

4) The Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Ruling Is Already Having an Impact. You Might Be Surprised Where
Columbia Law journals are delaying admissions decisions in the wake of the Court’s landmark ruling. The move highlights how the verdict could have implications beyond undergraduate admissions. READ MORE

5) Law enforcement experts warn of ‘another 9-11’ after bungled release of migrant tied to terrorism
Former law enforcement officials are warning of potential terrorist attacks and a repeat of 9/11 following a Homeland Security Department watchdog report that exposed government bungling that allowed an illegal immigrant on the terrorist watchlist to be released into the U.S. and roam free for two weeks before he was apprehended.

According to a report released by the DHS’s Office of Inspector General, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released an illegal immigrant on the terrorist watchlist last year, and due to a lack of coordination, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) took more than two weeks to arrest the individual. READ MORE


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