Reba Ludlow

For Group 5 – St. Johns County Airport Authority

“The Northeast Florida Regional Airport is an important economic gateway for our county and possible future transportation hub. We need an Airport Authority Board Member who can help provide an aggressive strategy for General Aviation, good financial management, and capital development for future operations.”

-- Reba Ludlow

Sam Barresi


Sam Barresi has the background and experience to provide our Northeast Florida Regional Airport and the Airport Authority with the direction it needs.  He brings skills in Engineering, Construction, Finance, Litigation, and Human Resources.  He understands Business Aviation, General Aviation, Property Management of Leased Facilities, Airport Operations, Air Traffic Control, Airport Development and Planning for Future Expansion including the opportunity for commercial air service and a transportation hub.



Howard G McGaffney
for Anastasia Mosquito Control District - Seat 3

— Do you support President Trump and Why? Yes. President Trump’s “America First” policy and vision supports my belief in what makes America the greatest country on earth. He absolutely cares about the Military and Veterans Affairs. He has fought to bring balance between seen or used as the World’s Police force and having other Countries pay their fair share of costs instead of the United States paying a highly disproportionate share. He understands the need for economic growth and for businesses to succeed which generates new jobs with good pay. He stands in the gap between those who want to change America and the need to protect our individual liberties and the founding principles of the United States of America as written in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. President Trump understands how important it is to protect our Borders yet values legal immigration to America. At great personal sacrifice, President Trump put his personal life and wealth aside, to fight as if the life or our Country depending on him solely. While he may not be able to stop all the evil agenda’s that America is up against, I know he will not quit and he put’s American’s First!

— How has your military background made you a better candidate? The military has trained millions of Patriots to be able to perform under intense pressure, against uneven odds, and often with much sacrifice. With 14 years of total military service I have seen many things that others will not, and there are others who have seen and been through way more than I have. Serving in the military you are going to have to learn to function in a diverse environment, work with other members of the military who come from different backgrounds and different beliefs, and focus on the missions success and ultimate victory. No one goes into a fight to lose, you train and prepare to execute at the highest of standards in order to win! The military provided me additional training and opportunities to work with others who are very different than me, and working together as a team, we acknowledge differences, but always kept our focus on the target. Jumping into politics, you have to have thick skin, you have to possess the experience and have the proven track record of working in difficult situations with a variety of different team members and to stay calm under pressure. You have to be able to stay focused even under fire, and you must be “Determined, Ready and Resourceful” on DAY 1 !

— What do you see as the greatest concern in SJC? Growth Management, balancing competing interests, properly funding Capital Projects and maintaining existing infrastructure while planning for the needs of future infrastructure, funding the safety and security both in our schools and in our county abroad, funding for additional schools, attracting businesses and new jobs, protecting our natural/recreational resources and waterways.

Maggie Kostka

Commissioner, Seat 1 St Augustine Beach

Dear friends and residents of St. Augustine Beach,

My name is Maggie Kostka and I am running for re-election for Commissioner, seat #1 for the city of St. Augustine Beach. COVID has affected all of our lives, here in our city, and nationwide. I am not writing to request campaign contributions, I have not accepted any and find the idea of such a request inappropriate after so many have suffered so much. I am asking for your support and your vote in this upcoming election.

I ask you to vote for me to keep honesty and civility in your local government and to improve fiscal responsibility. Decisions made by your local Commission impact our local quality of life today and for generations to come. These decisions require knowledge and understanding of our city’s current policies, codes, ordinances and how they are applied to and affect the city’s long term goals. Now more than ever, our city needs continued proven leadership working together with all government agencies AND the citizens to bring ideas forward that can help our city thrive instead of merely survive. I bring those qualities. I have been a resident of St. Augustine for 29 years, I have worked in both the public and private sectors, I am a successful local business owner, creating jobs and have provided employee scholarship funds for the past 8 years, I created a bike safety program with local law enforcement, was a classroom teacher for 12 years, have grant writing experience, served on the 2020 County Census Committee, am the currently appointed Vice-Mayor for St Augustine Beach, and served on the St Johns County COVID Economic Recovery Team.

I am committed to supporting and preserving what makes our community unique and precious; continued beach re-nourishment, maintaining building height restrictions, creating a sustainable plan for our infrastructure, and exploring ideas for reorganization as we prepare a plan for our city to thrive in the future. As Ronald Reagan said, “There isn’t any problem we can’t solve if government will give us the facts. Tell us what needs to be done. Then, get out of the way and let us have at it.”

I sincerely appreciate your confidence and your vote,

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