President Trump Bypasses Another RINO Debate With a Successful Rally in Hialeah, FL:

President Trump’s rally took center stage as the Uniparty Debate Club commenced last night, leading President Trump to call the debate “unwatchable.”

Hialeah’s Mayor presented a proposed street sign with the President’s name announcing his intention for approval with the city council.

Dear Trump Supporters,

Election November, 2023; A Recap

Abortion rights supporters won an Ohio ballot measure and the Democratic governor of beet-red Kentucky held onto his office by campaigning on reproductive rights and painting his opponent as extremist. A Democrat won an open seat on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court after campaigning on his pledge to uphold abortion rights. And Democrats took full control of the Virginia statehouse, blocking Republicans from being able to pass new abortion restrictions and delivering a defeat to Gov. Glenn Youngkin that may douse any buzz about a late entry into the GOP presidential primary. 

The victories won’t be enough to make Democrats feel secure heading into next year’s presidential election. The off-year elections have major implications in all of those states and provide a snapshot of American politics heading into 2024. But two big names — Joe Biden and Donald Trump — weren’t on the ballot this time. How Americans view them will be a huge factor in shaping next year’s race.

Democrats notched two early wins Tuesday night in Kentucky and Ohio, states that voted for Trump in 2020. In both states, abortion was the main campaign issue.

Democrat Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear was reelected in a state that Trump had won by 26 percentage points. Beshear had criticized the abortion views of his Republican challenger, Attorney General Daniel Cameron, in debates and television ads. One Beshear ad featured a woman who miscarried after being raped by her stepfather at age 12 expressing disbelief at Cameron’s opposition to abortion in cases of rape and incest.

In Ohio, a ballot measure preserving abortion rights passed in a state that Trump won by eight percentage points in 2020. Republicans had already tried to derail the measure by calling an unusual August referendum to make it harder to pass ballot measures, an initiative that was roundly rejected by Ohio voters.

Later Tuesday, Dan McCaffery won an open seat on Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court after positioning himself as a defender of abortion rights. And in Virginia, Democrats held the state Senate and flipped control of the Virginia House of Delegates from the GOP.

The outcomes suggest a transformed political landscape since a conservative majority of the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a federal right to an abortion last year. Abortion rights measures have passed in a plethora of states as some other Republican-run states have instituted new bans on the procedure.

Abortion was the key issue across the country on Tuesday.

President Trump compares the faux prosecutions against him to a Cuba regime; A Reuters article states that President Trump, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, likened the criminal cases against him to political prosecutions in Cuba and other repressive nations as he sought to court Hispanic voters at a rally in Florida on Wednesday.

“Just like the Cuban regime, the Biden regime is trying to put their political opponent in jail,” Trump said to thousands of supporters assembled in a local sports stadium. “We are not the ones endangering American democracy, we are the ones saving American democracy.”

President Trump did not mention the victories of abortion rights campaigners and Democrats in U.S. elections Tuesday prompted by the Supreme Court’s overturn of the nationwide right to abortion last year. 

Are we at the precipice? When will the truth be revealed? Will the 2024 elections be fair? Is this all part of the awakening?


Although I didn’t watch the RINO debate, this is a great point from Vivek Ramaswamy;

Vivek Ramaswamy used his opening remarks at Wednesday’s GOP presidential debate to call for the resignation of Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

Ramaswamy, like the other candidates on the stage, had been asked to make the case for why he should be selected to be the 2024 GOP nominee, but he instead turned his ire on the debate’s own moderators and McDaniel.

“I think there’s something deeper going on in the Republican Party here, and I am upset about what happened last night,” the entrepreneur said, referring to Tuesday’s off-year elections. “We’ve become a party of losers at the end of the day. Is it cancer in the Republican establishment?”

“I speak the truth. I mean, since Ronna McDaniel took over as chairwoman of the RNC in 2017, we have lost 2018, 2020, 2022 — no red wave, that never came. We got trounced last night in 2023,” he continued. “And I think that we have to have accountability in our party. For that matter, Ronna, if you want to come onstage tonight, you want to look the GOP voters in the eye and tell them you resign, I will turn over my — yield my time to you.” — The Washington Examiner

DeSantis donor moves on to President Trump;

According to an article in the Financial Times, Ron DeSantis’s biggest donor is considering switching his support to Donald Trump, in a sharp rebuke of the Florida governor’s White House aspirations.

Robert Bigelow, a Nevada real estate investor who has funded space exploration and research into paranormal activities, gave more than $20 million to the DeSantis campaign earlier this year, the largest donation to any 2024 candidate, according to the latest federal filings.

But Bigelow criticized DeSantis for running a weak campaign — and said Hamas’s attack on Israel last month showed the US needed a “streetwise” leader such as Trump.

“I’ve got to look at who would probably be the strongest commander, with the most experience . . . And that’s only one guy,” Bigelow told the Financial Times.

“Who would you want as a commander? I’d want somebody that would be a hell of an ass kicker if he needed to be,” he said. “On the face of it, you lean toward Trump.”

Bigelow also said he thought Trump would now defeat DeSantis to win the Republican presidential primary — provided he stayed out of jail.

“I think Trump is too strong,” Bigelow said. “I think Trump has the momentum, the inertia, to beat him.” Trump was a “bull”, Bigelow added, but DeSantis was “dinner”. — Financial Times

Hold on to your faith. The world is changing faster than technology and to be prepared we have to discern what is truth and what is being fed to us as sleazy propaganda. Stay informed…

List of SJC Local Races in 2024

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