CLARIFICATION: This is NOT about (Pro or Anti) Israel or Palestine…

Dear Trump Supporters,

Clarification; I do not have a position of (pro or anti) Israel or Palestine. I’m pro-God and we are all His people. I’m simply trying to ask the questions we should all be asking. How is this happening? What is the bigger picture? Why did Hamas attack innocent Israelis? Why are so many children dying mercilessly in Gaza? Is this about conquering land? These wars must stop. Period.

DAY ONE: Colorado tries to prevent President Trump from the 2024 ballot; Day one of the trial to prohibit President Trump from appearing on the 2024 presidential ballot got underway Monday in a Denver courtroom.

The lawsuit, filed in September by six Colorado voters with the help of a watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, argues that President Trump is ineligible to hold office again under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. The group claims that section disqualifies anyone who “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” against the Constitution after having taken an oath.

The plaintiffs say that President Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election, namely his actions before and during the time when his supporters entered the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, meet the disqualification criteria.  The state presented its case for nearly five hours, calling former capital police officer Daniel Hodges, who testified that he was very scared on January 6 and Rep.Eric Swalwell, who testified, but had nothing substantive to say.

The biggest takeaway from the first day is that the First Amendment is on trial and the January 6 Committee Report is testifying. The entirety of the petitioner’s evidence is the J6 report, political witnesses, and President Trump’s tweets.

An independent J6 journalist Mel Hawlee, who watched the festivities, said the trial may be an effort to have a court rubberstamp the J6 committee report. And when you need a commie court to rubberstamp something, you come to Colorado.

I would have to agree…

DAY TWO: An article in CNN Politics states that while the ’14th Amerndement disqualification trial against Trump’ played out in Colorado on day two, President Trump filed a lawsuit to shut down a similar case in Michigan with a major hearing set for Thursday in Minnesota in another anti-Trump candidacy challenge.

CNN claims that an “expert” on ‘right-wing extremism’ dissected Trump’s history of fomenting unrest and testified that Trump’s speech on January 6, 2021, was unmistakably interpreted by his most militant supporters as “a call to violence.” This is a key part of the challengers’ argument that Trump “engaged” in the insurrection and is therefore ineligible for office.

Of course, this is hilarious because it’s completely FALSE. Their “expert” witness was a sociologist and claimed;

  • Far Right Extremists are those who believe that corruption is a significant problem and that special interests are running the world.
  • The Charlottesville ‘Unite the Right’ rally was a predecessor to January 6, and a good example of how Trump endorses the behavior of ‘his followers’ and should be extrapolated to the events of January 6.
  • When Trump says something, he means the opposite. The ‘expert’ calls this doublespeak and, while we all engage in doublespeak, far-right extremists do it as a call for violence. That is when he says ‘peacefully and patriotically,’ he really means to incite violence and far-right extremists know this. (How totally ridiculous…)
  • Only trained social scientists who have analyzed and profiled President Trump can understand what his words actually mean.
  • Typing in all caps and speaking about 1776 are signs of escalating extremist behavior.

Although these claims are unfounded and blatantly crazy, the seriousness of what’s at stake for all Americans is this…the sanctity of our right to free speech.

DAY THREE; Not much to see here except the Trump Team unleashed their secret weapon…Team Trump called Kash Patel. This is a must-watch.

Kash absolutely destroyed the petitioner’s case and, even better, the fiery and sometimes downright hostile exchange between Kash and the petitioners’ counsel made for a great stream. 

The trial continues today…stay tuned.


US aid to Ukraine has not been tracked…it’s all about lining their pockets; For those who still think Ukraine is good, Russia is bad and the US should continue to support Ukraine with additional dollars from our taxpayers’ nest egg, think again. Note the hint of truth finally making its way to the masses exposing Ukraine President Zelensky and his fraudulent activities, just as the world is focused more on Israel, not Ukraine.

Time Magazine reports that Ukraine is struggling to rally financial support after its failed counteroffensive and amid allegations of widespread corruption.

• A top Ukrainian presidential advisor warns that “people are stealing like there’s no tomorrow” when asked about bribes and corruption.

• 59% of Americans are against Congress providing more weapons to Kyiv (up from 35% in June).

• The southeastern fifth of Ukraine, where the population is predominantly Russian, remains under Russian control.

• Ukraine’s shortage of soldiers is more dire than its deficit in arms and ammunition. Draft officers pull men off trains and buses and send them to the front.

• The death toll has long surpassed 100,000 on each side of the war, forcing the draft of the elderly, raising the average age of a Ukrainian soldier to around 43 years.

• Corruption remains widespread despite Zelensky firing numerous officers and the Defense Minister.

I wonder why now…why is Time Magazine finally exposing the truth?

Nix aid…no new wars; Congress heads for a showdown over Ukraine, Israel funds as Representatives Massie And Greene Say ‘NO’ to all. Zerohedge reports, that House Republican opposition to Ukraine funding (a large part of why Kevin McCarthy was ousted by the Freedom Caucus) is solidifying under new Speaker Mike Johnson, who told Biden that Congress won’t authorize any additional funds for Ukraine unless the administration answers a dozen questions about the path forward.

Johnson also said that House Republicans won’t bundle Ukraine aid and money for Israel’s conflict with Hamas, as Biden wants. Why offer either aid package? Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is correct…stop ALL aid.

On Sunday, Greene posted on X that she won’t support any more foreign aid, including support to Israel, because of the national debt.

“I will be voting NO on all funding packages for the Ukraine war (as I have from the beginning) and now the Israel war,” she wrote. “We have had over 10 MILLION people illegally cross our border since Biden took office and we are over $33 TRILLION dollars in debt with many major problems afflicting Americans.”

If both sides in Congress can agree to “no new wars” and “no new aid,” we would finally get somewhere….a “working” Congress creating solutions on issues that affect Americans, not politicians and criminals.

Musk prepares to save Gaza’s Internet with Starlink deployment; Newmos News Network reports that Gaza is under bombardment and the internet has been cut off. Over the past 24 hours, Israeli ground forces have escalated their attacks in Gaza, preparing for a potential large-scale ground operation aimed at the militant group Hamas.

According to NetBlocks, a network analysis website, all internet and phone services in the region have been severed. Meanwhile, on the ‘free speech’ platform X, some users are urging Elon Musk to assist Gaza by providing Starlink terminals, mirroring his support in Ukraine.

Musk responded to X users:

“Starlink will support connectivity to internationally recognized aid organizations in Gaza.” 

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia, the Largest Crime Organization in History. And this Video explains it very well…

At our last meeting, I spoke about the Khazarian Mafia and how they created the Zionist religion which poses as Judaism but praises Baal…the devil. This group, which began in the Babylonian empire, has progressed through the Rothschild family who controls the world’s banking and continues to plot against all countries to control the world.

Many of us who have searched for answers have named the cabal consisting of NATO, the United Nations, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, China, globalists etc. Sadly, this is only the surface. Deep down, a much more evil group has been at war with humanity for centuries. It’s finally coming to a head as the evil Khazarian Mafia has been exposed. This crime organization is who we are fighting.

What if our history books were purposefully written sans the Khazarians and their intentions? It may sound crazy, but connect the dots and you will see. Ask yourself….

Who is Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu? Mosad? How could the most advanced military complex in the world (Israel) NOT know and couldn’t stop terrorists from infiltrating their country and harming their people? Even after they were warned? It doesn’t add up. Then why would Netanyahu retaliate with a bombardment of the masses in Gaza? Women and children?

And why did five of the most powerful countries in the world create their own monetary system? The formation of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) has been successful in chipping away at the Khazarian Rothschilds’ financial empire.


What is actually happening in Israel and the Gaza Strip?

  • Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip have destroyed over 200,000 housing units in Gaza.
  • This relentless bombardment has led to an estimated 1.4 million people in Gaza being internally displaced, with approximately 629,000 seeking shelter in 150 UN-designated emergency shelters.
  • Since the beginning of Israeli attacks on October 7, at least 8,525 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, including at least 3,747 children and at least 2,062 women,” the OCHA wrote on its website.
  • The Gaza Strip, home to approximately 2.3 million people, occupies a mere 365 square kilometers (141 square miles).
  • Yemen has retaliated against Israeli forces for their ongoing war against Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen declared war against Israel and claimed responsibility for missile and drone attacks on the southernmost Israeli city of Eilat.
  • Tasnim News reported that the Palestinian Minister of Public Works and Housing, Mohammad Ziyara said the severe impact of the bombardment, has not only erased entire families from the civil registry but also decimated neighborhoods and residential communities. Moreover, critical facilities such as hospitals, places of worship, bakeries, water filling stations, markets, schools, and educational institutions have been destroyed.
  • Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu continues his assault on Gaza taking out civilians.


So the questions remain; Why has Netanyahu chosen to bomb innocent women and children in Gaza? The attack on Israel was not warranted by any means. But is Israel retaliating against Hamas or are they out to destroy the Palestinian people? The people in Gaza do not have an airport or an army. They are told to leave but have nowhere to go so how is this not a human rights violation? Furthermore, WHY ARE WE CONSIDERING SENDING THEM MONEY?

All of this must stop before more innocent civilians are murdered…

Remember, things are not as they appear to be.

Follow the money. Why is the Republican Party lying about who their donations are coming from?

The Okeefe Media Group is exposing another piece of corruption, this time in the Republican Party. According to Okeefe’s undercover story, donations to WinRed, the Republican counterpart to Act Blue, don’t add up. FEC Data shows that the top WinRed Donor in NJ Gave $154k. She said, “I can’t imagine that I did that. That’s like impossible.”

The FEC reports show she donated over 10,000 times, but she told us she only gives a few bucks to WinRed a couple of times a month. Retirees reportedly are giving hundreds of thousands a year in tiny amounts. Who are the actual donors? I think we know who they are….

Our government gets caught spying…again; Republicans are attempting to curtail the powers of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) after it purportedly engaged in substantial social media censorship. According to an article in Daily Caller, the DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) likely violated the First Amendment by telling social media platforms how to moderate content, a Fifth Circuit federal appeals court recently found. Republicans on the Senate Homeland Security Committee are pushing legislation to address CISA’s ability to collaborate with tech companies to censor content, and introducing bills to mandate transparency and accountability regarding CISA’s activities.

“CISA has blatantly violated the First Amendment and colluded with big tech to censor the speech of ordinary Americans,” Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Federal courts have ordered CISA to stop, but the trust CISA has abused cannot be restored until the agency gives a full accounting of what it has done, and Congress changes the law to create severe penalties for anyone who tries to do the same thing in the future.”

Now, if Congress would do what they say, we can start fixing serious issues in our country!

Once a terrorist, always a terrorist; The decision Wednesday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Parole Board to set free onetime domestic terrorist Judith Clark decades ahead of schedule makes it painfully clear: New York leaders are manufacturing more crime. Clark, a member of the May 19th Communist Organization, announced that she was at war with America during her trial for killing three law-enforcement officers during the 1981 Brink’s robbery in which Clark played a key role.

Cuomo himself commuted Clark’s sentence, making her eligible for parole, after meeting with her, minimizing her crime and saying he’d gotten “a sense of her soul.” Clark’s family said in a statement. “She plans to live her life outside, as she did inside, in atonement for the harm she caused.”

Yet, Clark was seen at a pro-Palestine rally in NYC. So much for laying low. Regardless of your views, this woman was responsible for three deaths and gets to walk free because she is a domestic terrorist but J6 Trump supporters are being imprisoned for being allowed entrance to the Capitol. READ MORE

Hold on to your faith. The world is changing faster than technology and to be prepared we have to discern what is truth and what is being fed to us as sleazy propaganda. Stay informed…

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God Bless,

Diane Scherff
Trump Club of St Johns County

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