Hunter and his ‘Big Guy’ Get Millions from China and no One Cares

Hunter and his ‘Big Guy’ Get Millions from China and no One Cares

by Diane Scherff

Now we know what most had feared…that the corruption runs even deeper within the DC elites and one family has been making millions from several countries and it has nothing to do with Russia or the Trump family.  Recent reports show that Hunter Biden and his father Joe (AKA the big guy) have been making deals with China through Sinohawk Holdings, apparently a partnership set up between Chinese President Ye and the Biden family.  

A former associate, Tony Bobulinski, confirmed these reports and was the recipient of an email published by the New York Post, which detailed the business arrangement with this Chinese company and members of the Biden family. According to Fox News, Bobulinski said he was ‘brought on as CEO by Hunter Biden and James Gilliar, who was listed as the sender of the email.’ The email includes a note that “Hunter has some office expectations he will elaborate.” A proposed equity split references “20” for “H” and “10 held by H for the big guy?” with no further details.

“The reference to ‘the Big Guy’ in the much publicized May 13, 2017 email is in fact a reference to Joe Biden,” Bobulinski said in a statement to Fox News.

Wait a minute. We now have proof that the Biden family profited off of China and Ukraine in return for God only knows what and that the Obama Administration was aware of these transactions, if not just profited from as well?  Furthermore, Hillary Clinton made up the ‘Russian Collusion’ story against President Trump yet it was really the Biden family who has been colluding with a foreign country (several to be exact; China and Ukraine) for purposes of financial gain and political influence? Hillary lacks creativity so changing the names to protect the guilty fit the bill.

Truth be told, as if the Biden family’s life-long corruption at home stealing taxpayers’ dollars wasn’t enough, they had to go abroad to fry bigger fish in order to profit off of the dangerous anti-American allies in the sea of greedy globalists putting our country at risk. Biden is using his position to enrich himself, placing other nations’ interests above ours for pure profit.  If Ukraine, China or any other nation pays for influence, it is to advance their own interests, not America’s interests.  American workers’ interests are non-existent in the Democrat party and this is why.

What’s worse, our so-called journalists, tech giants, Hollywood and Democrat leaders refuse to report, comment or make mention of this horrific act of treason yet exploded the airwaves with the false Russia collusion story for years.  Most all of the mainstream media has remained silent, the talk show hosts are quiet and social media reputes any truth-based facts on this issue. At least someone is starting to notice and call out Twitter, Facebook and now GOOGLE for their censored campaign against Conservatives, but it’s too little too late. Congress must act now to prevent these public officials from profiting from their positions of power and stop the enablers once and for all.

The Leftist Elites are not just con artists and faux storytellers, but deep down dirty, evil, greedy, anti-American scumbags who will stop at nothing to gain money, power and control. How can there be people voting to continue this elicit behavior be it here or on foreign soil. President Trump is right…DRAIN THE SWAMP!

Trump’s Critics Are Pathetic

by Robert Blau

What has been remarkable about the 2020 campaign and Donald Trump’s presidency more generally is the emptiness of the criticisms of him, not to mention the emptiness of the heads of those making the criticisms.  His first term is a magnum opus of decisions, policies and accomplishments, some of which are controversial on their substantive merits.  For example, using tariffs as a trade weapon against China is something about which reasonable people can disagree.  And in fact, the reasonable disagreement can be found among Republicans who tend philosophically toward free trade.  Similarly for deficit spending.

But that’s not what you get from Democrats, the media, or the loudest mouths in the entertainment world, whose criticism of the President is typically in the form of either personal insults or misinformed observations.  Here is a representative list:

  • Trump is a racist;
  • His administration is xenophobic for imposing: 1) a Muslim travel ban and 2) a China travel ban;
  • The Trump Administration locked up migrants in cages and separated children from their parents, just like in Nazi Germany;
  • Trump is a Fascist;
  • Trump is a Russian agent;
  • The Trump family is making a profit from his presidency and the President didn’t pay enough taxes;
  • Trump is a global warming denier.

Taking them one by one, we can find that the truth in each case not only disproves the accusation, but underlines one or more success stories of the Trump Administration.

  • Racism:  As the President says frequently, he has done more for African Americans (and Hispanics) than most other Presidents, starting with jobs and unemployment rates.  But additionally, he has given reliable support to Historical Black Colleges and Universities, signed into law prison-reform legislation, and proposed opportunity zones for inner cities. All that on one side, vs. the media and Democrats deliberately taking President Trump’s Charlottesville comments out of context, when in fact all he said was that there were/are decent people on both sides of the argument about removing Robert E. Lee statues.  Amazingly, the media continue to ask him to denounce White supremacists, even though he has done so multiple times, and is on record doing so.
  • Xenophobia:  Banning travel of people who are coming from or passing through countries that sponsor or host terrorists is prudent national security policy, not xenophobia.  Trump’s dealings with the Muslim world are statesmanlike, not xenophobic, as he: 1) brought about reconciliation between Kosovo and Serbia, and 2) brokered peace agreements between Israel and two Arab countries.  The travel ban from China was a key and correct public health decision in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic; it probably saved over a million American lives.
  • Nazism:  You have to be a complete idiot to compare anything done by an American president with what Nazis did when they ran Germany.  Nazis rounded up ordinary people, mostly Jews, from their homes, against their will, and had them sent to concentration camps and murdered en masse.  The Trump Administration’s action at the U.S. southern border is a response to migrants coming to that border of their own free will, knowingly trying to break American immigration law by crossing the border without bona fide travel documents.  Not to mention that the published photos of the captured migrants in jail cells were taken during the Obama administration.  Overall, the Trump Administration’s border wall and other enforcement efforts have cut down considerably on illegal immigration, which fulfills one of his most significant campaign promises from 2016.  In contrast, Democrats openly defy our county’s laws by setting up so-called “sanctuary cities,” and offering benefits, such as health care, to illegal immigrants, who they seek to bring in as future Democratic party voters.
  • Fascism vs. Democracy:  Very likely the people who call President Trump a fascist don’t have a clue what fascism is.  President Trump has been thoroughly respectful of constitutional and democratic processes, accepting defeats when votes came up short (such as for repealing Obamacare), and always working within his presidential authorities to advance  policy goals.  He has fulfilled his campaign promise to nominate originalist justices to the Supreme Court and other courts, taking advantage of a freely elected Republican Senate majority.  The President followed constitutional procedure to vindicate himself when the new 2019 Democrat-majority House of Representatives sought to impeach him.  President Trump has allowed state governors to take the lead in combating urban unrest and rioting, even though a more robust Federal intervention could have nipped it in the bud.  Compare Trump’s record to Obama’s failure to send the Iran nuclear treaty to the Senate for ratification and his making unilateral  jury-rigged changes to Obamacare after it was already passed and entered into the statute books.
  • The Russia Hoax.  We now can look retrospectively at the whole Mueller investigation and see it for what it was: a giant hoax and attempted coup d’etat.  More recently, evidence has emerged showing that its intellectual author was Hillary Clinton, with the purpose of deflecting attention from her illegal use of a private, unsecured server to handle classified emails.  It was, ironically, the Democrats who colluded with the Russians to obtain fake opposition research on then-candidate Trump.  After having done all that, the Democrats now have the chutzpah to question President Trump’s respect for the results of the 2020 election.
  • The Trump Family.  We are blessed that President Trump has been able to draw on the talent of his daughter and son-in-law to take on important policy matters in his Administration.  Ivanka has pushed women’s economic empowerment around the world and Jared has taken the lead with Mideast peacemaking, and neither of them draws a government salary.  The President himself donates his salary to charity, while having handed off responsibility for his family business to his sons.  His taxes, even if reported accurately by the media (which is probably not the case), have not shown anything out of the ordinary, and as the President pointed out to NBC so-called moderator Savannah Guthrie, the Trump enterprise’s debts as a proportion of the value of its assets are no big deal, just like anyone’s home mortgage face value is not a big deal if they can afford to make the monthly payments.  Compare the Trump family’s sacrifices to work for our country with the Biden family’s conflicts of interest and sweetheart deals that not only are corrupt, but compromise the former VP with his relationship to China.
  • Global Warming.  The President’s approach is to strike the right balance between protecting the environment and generating economic growth and jobs.  In this he has been extraordinarily successful, converting the USA into a net exporter of energy and driving oil prices downward.  The Democrats’ approach is the so-called Green New Deal, which would reverse these trends and choke off future economic growth.  And withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord made good sense because it did not include any serious restrictions on China or India.  Think back to 2016 when someone asked candidate Trump to respond to then-Secretary of State John Kerry claiming that global warming was America’s number one national security threat.  His comment: “That’s in the category of GIMME A BREAK.”

Dear Catholic Voters

by Diane Scherff

Several weeks ago, Bishop Felipe Estévez wrote a letter to parishioners of the Diocese of St. Augustine asking that it be read from the pulpit at Masses prior to the election. Even though I had already seen the letter, our Priest at Our Lady Star of the Sea presented it last Sunday. In his letter, the bishop encourages Catholic voters to “understand the issues in the context of church teaching and to help you in this area of ‘proper formation of your conscience.’”

He mentions that this election will shape future generations and that our right to vote must be exercised in the teachings given to us both by the Declaration of Independence and our church belief that everyone has a right to life.

“When the Declaration of Independence was penned, three rights were deemed unalienable, given to all human beings by their Creator, and, therefore, unable to be taken away from someone or given away by someone else. They are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That they were written in this order was no mistake — even the Founding Fathers knew that the right to life surpassed all others in importance: without the right to life, none of the other rights could be protected. The right to life was, and is, preeminent.”

Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual – or at least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country. —Samuel Adams, The Boston Gazette on April 16, 1781

How ANY Catholic can vote for a Biden/Harris ticket is unfathomable. Your duty as a Catholic, as a Christian, as an American is to vote to protect life.


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