Anti-Trump Operatives and Deep State Elitist Merge to Overthrow Trump

Anti-Trump Operatives and Deep State Elitist Merge to Overthrow Trump House in 2020

by Diane Scherff

For many months I have wondered why so many high-profile Republicans are ANTI-Trump and  continue to publicly demean our President. The fact that leading conservatives would outwardly repudiate their party’s candidate and openly back their opponent is not only astounding but far worse than actually being from the other side.  

Several anti-Trump groups have spawned since the 2016 election including one called the Lincoln Project, which was founded by several well-known DC consultants who used to call themselves Republicans. According to an article in the New Yorker, these are some of the Lincoln Project founders: George Conway, lawyer and husband of Kellyanne Conway, former advisor to Trump; Steve Schmidt, who headed John McCain’s 2008 Presidential campaign and constantly bashes President Trump on MSNBC, Rick Wilson, a two-bit adman, Reed Galen, whose father worked for Newt Gingrich and Dan Quayle, John Weaver, “a Texan whom the Democratic strategist James Carville nicknamed Meat Cleaver Weaver,” and Stuart Stevens, Mitt Romney’s 2012 race against Barack Obama. All of these creeps have been ‘outspoken critics of Trump.’  In a Washington Post op-ed, Jennifer Rubin described the four founders as “Some of the most prominent NeverTrump Republicans.”

The sick and demented “conservative” elites have created numerous TV ads trashing Trump with inaccurate facts and negativity making millions for Wilson’s ad agency. Roxanne Roberts, The Washington Post wrote that” the project’s ads are specifically designed to trigger the president so that he talk(s) about things he shouldn’t be talking about”, in effect “raising millions of dollars…for the Lincoln Project”.

Meanwhile, another ANTI-Trump group who do not support the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump hosted their own convention called “The Convention on Founding Principles” during the Republican National Convention last month.  Organized by former North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr, a conservative who ran for governor in 2008 as a Republican, hosted speakers; former FBI Director James Comey, who was fired by Trump in May 2017; former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci; former CIA director Michael Hayden; former NJ Governor Christine Todd Whitman, Mitt Romney, Jeff Flake and others.  This small but high-profile group of faux Republican wannabees who have received enormous attention for their resistance to Trump are not only a disgrace but must be hiding something. Why would they go against one of the most productive and efficient Republican President’s our country has seen since Reagan? Are they being blackmailed? In a word, yes!

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has recently declassified two documents showing President Obama’s CIA feared in summer 2016 that Hillary Clinton was “stirring up” a false Russia collusion narrative to “vilify” Donald Trump and distract from her own controversies heading into the election.  Now we have the truth to what many of us had feared…that Hilary made up the Russian Collusion story and Obama, Biden, Comey and James Brennan helped her facilitate the most corrupt evil plan in the history of our government to get rid of Donald Trump and to distract Americans from her horrific email scandal. She was the mastermind and yet for the last three and half years she has continued to condemn President Trump on the Russian Collusion story knowing she made it all up… So why hasn’t she been indicted? Because I believe she has dirt on many of the swamp creatures and that’s why there are so many RINOs going against President Trump.

When Bill Clinton was President, he acquired all the FBI files on prominent conservatives and when Hilary got back in the Administration with Obama, she demanded all the NSA files and even threatened Justice Roberts so he would vote in favor of Obamacare. Hilary is at the top level of the Deep State’s pyramid and Kamala is in training….

So now what do we do? Get Barr, Horowitz and Radcliffe moving faster on releasing the truth, get Judge Amie Coney Barrett nominated and placed on the Supreme Court ASAP, promote pro-Trump candidates on the federal, state and local levels and get president Trump in office for a second term so he can continue to fight for our American freedoms: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… Otherwise, we are doomed…America will never see the light of day again under the fist of communism and the Deep State’s elitist system of tyranny.

The bottomline is that the Republicans need to maintain their majority in the Senate by holding their strongholds and not losing three seats to the Democrats, as well as keeping their House seats and gaining where possible. Of course, all that AND President Trump has to win or the United States will be doomed.

To donate to these candidates, please visit, click on your state and find your Republican candidate to help!

Flipping Identity Politics

by Robert Blau

Let me start out by saying that I resent the left’s identity-politics strategy.  It is, above all, divisive.  It is also demeaning, such as when candidate Biden said to an interviewer that if you vote for Trump “You ain’t Black.”  That is, if you are a member of a certain ethnic group, you are not permitted to have a mind of your own and decide who to vote for based on your own personal views.   To me, my fellow Americans are individuals, and not necessarily representatives of identity groups, be they ethnic, geographic or otherwise.  Modern day political correctness tries to impose different rules; in the current radicalized context Martin Luther King Jr. would be arrested by the woke diversity police for saying that people should be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

But despite all the coordinated liberal Democratic and media efforts to brand President Trump a racist, which was joined by first debate moderator Chris Wallace, he is very likely to improve his 2016 election results among minority groups.  A dramatic indicator of this was a flash poll taken by Spanish-Language TV station Telemundo during the Trump-Biden debate showing that 66 percent of their audience thought Trump won the debate.  A recent poll shows that Cuban Americans in Florida prefer Trump over Biden by 59-25 percent.  Another one shows the  President with a 50-46 percent lead with Hispanics Florida-wide.  Trump won less than 30 percent of the overall Latino vote in 2016, but should do better this year because: 1) this constituency understands the difference between legal and illegal immigration; 2) their families have migrated to the U.S.A. because of free-market economic opportunity, and are leery of socialism; 3) they are supportive of law and order; 4) Hispanic unemployment, pre COVID, reached the lowest level ever measured.  The Democrats’ response to these trends is to provide benefits to illegal immigrants and try and register them to vote, which is of course, itself illegal.

Among African Americans, President Trump is likely to improve substantially over 2016, when he only won 8 percent of their votes.  Recent polls have him somewhere between 19 and 25 percent.  A related poll shows that 80 percent of African Americans prefer a greater police presence in their neighborhoods, which runs counter to the Democrat and Black Lives Matters narratives aiming to defund or disband police departments.  The President has given a boost to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, signed into law prison-reform legislation, and presided over an economy (pre-COVID) that lowered Black unemployment to the lowest percentage ever recorded.  The fake news media ignore all this and prefer to insist that he is a racist because of comments that they themselves have taken out of context and their refusal to accept clear evidence that President Trump has, on multiple occasions, denounced the KKK and other such White supremacist groups.  As the President pointed out during his Friday afternoon virtual rally with Rush Limbaugh, when the Democrats lose the argument on substance, all they have left is to call Republicans racists.  Not to mention Biden’s repertoire of public insults to Black people: Asking one reporter if he was a junkie; saying there is little diversity of opinions among African Americans; and more recently that we can eat during the pandemic because a Black woman was stocking the supermarket shelves.

The irony about all the efforts by Democrats to cry racist at every turn is that history places the  Republican party on the side of racial justice and progress, and Democrats on the side of the worst excesses of racial injustice:

  • The Republican party was founded to advance the abolition of slavery, and our first Republican president, Abe Lincoln followed through on that commitment by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation and defeating the slave states in the Civil War.  The Republican-dominated post-Civil War Congress and state legislatures approved the 13th Amendment ending slavery for good; the 14th providing equal protection under the law, and the 15th ensuring former slaves’ right to vote.
  • The Ku Klux Klan was founded in the south as a violent reaction to Republican-led Reconstruction. Republican President Ulysses S. Grant made a concerted effort to contain the spread of the KKK.  Among the eventual KKK members was Democrat Senator Robert Byrd, who served until his death in 2010.
  • Democrat President Woodrow Wilson was a segregationist and hosted a screening at the White House of “Birth of a Nation,” a film that glorifies the Ku Klux Klan.
  • Alabama Governor George Wallace, one of the most vehement segregationists of his era, was a Democrat.
  • Alabama county Sheriff Bull Connor, who led the brutal police attack against civil rights demonstrators in Birmingham, Alabama, was a Democrat.

Author Dinesh D’Souza, in his book “Death of a Nation,” describes the modern Democratic party as an extension of the ante-bellum plantation, controlling minority votes and political loyalty in exchange for welfare, food stamps and other entitlements.  Besides moral bankruptcy, the real consequences of such Democrat party rule are apparent in big cities, long run by Democrat party machines, that have produced no solutions to poverty, crime, unemployment and drug abuse.  Just take a look (here)  at Baltimore through the eyes of Republican congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik to see the unvarnished truth.

African Americans are roughly 13 percent and Latinos 17 percent of the overall population.  President Trump’s improved standing with these voters could make a big difference in battleground states that are likely to determine the outcome of next month’s election.


During President Trump’s first three years in office, incomes for the average American family grew by $6,000–more than five times the gains seen during the entire Obama Administration.

Then 9 months ago, the Coronavirus plague spread across the world. Despite gloomy predictions that the U.S. economy would see double-digit unemployment far into the future, America has witnessed its fastest recovery in history under President Trump.

“Under the previous administration, it took 30 months to recover more than half the jobs lost in the crisis,” President Trump told the Economic Clubs of New York; Florida; Washington, D.C.; Chicago; Pittsburgh; and Sheboygan, Wisconsin, this morning in a virtual address from the Rose Garden.

“We surpassed that milestone in fewer than 5 months.”

During his remarks and a subsequent Q&A session, the President talked about the fast economic recovery, his Administration’s massive Coronavirus response, and the strategy to protect vulnerable Americans while safely reopening our country for the young and healthy:

  • Trust the American people: “Americans should be trusted with the facts, the data, and the truth. For the young and healthy, the risk is exceedingly low—99.98 percent of those under the age of 50 survive . . . That’s why we’re so focused on protecting elderly and higher-risk Americans.”
  • End mass lockdowns: “The unscientific lockdowns pushed by leftwing politicians are needlessly destroying millions of lives”—through suicides, delayed healthcare, and more. “The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself.” 
  • Keep up historic action: The Trump Administration has sent over 160 million stimulus checks, provided over $650 billion in forgivable loans to American small businesses, protected 50 million jobs, increased unemployment benefits, froze student loan payments, stopped evictions, and suspended payroll taxes.
  • Help the working class: “My policies have benefited those who need it the most. The bottom 50 percent of households saw an astonishing 40 percent increase in net worth. Wages rose the fastest for blue-collar workers.”
  • Come back stronger than ever: “We will continue our V-shaped recovery and launch a record-smashing economic boom. We will end the pandemic with a safe and effective vaccine [and] create 10 million jobs in the first 10 months of 2021.”

No one predicted the kind of Great American Comeback that President Trump has led—both during his first three years in office and following the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak earlier this year. “At the end of the last administration, the Congressional Budget Office projected fewer than 2 million jobs would be created in 3 years,” he said.

Instead, the Trump Economy created 7 million of them.

Now, America is rapidly recovering from the pandemic with 11.4 million jobs created since May. To continue that historic boom, President Trump is ensuring that medical and pharmaceutical supply chains are reshored, that Federal contracts are stripped from companies that outsource jobs, and that American healthcare is protected—including Medicare and insurance for patients with preexisting conditions.

“We are lifting up citizens of every race, color, religion, and creed,” President Trump said today. “We are delivering a future of fairness, justice, and dignity. We are defending our values, our principles, and our way of life.”


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