We Thought They Would Cheat…We Didn’t Know They Would Steal

We Thought They Would Cheat…We Didn’t Know They Would Steal

by Diane Scherff

Just as Joe Biden continues to congratulate himself and contact his buddies abroad after Democrat leaders and the media have proclaimed him the newly-elected president, despicable acts of countrywide voter fraud are surfacing faster than China’s supersonic submarine. In the last week since the 2020 US election, it has been revealed that in several states, election laws have been broken, state election officials exhibited egregious behavior towards Republican poll workers and intimidation of voters, deceased voters voted, ballots were backdated, unusually high voter turnout due to rigged ballots, ballot harvesting and of course, computer “glitches” which actually changed votes from Trump to Biden.

After the shock of the supposed Biden win, many Americans’ numbness slowly turned to anger as the country began to see that massive voter fraud had occurred by the Democrat party and that the media rushed to declare a winner before the results were tallied. How could this happen in the United States of America? Because it has been planned for some time by the Deep State operatives right down to the media calling the election for Biden…which they can not do.  

The Leftist New York Times tweeted that it was “the media’s job to declare the winner of the presidential election,” yet that is outrageous. Even though the Times eventually deleted the tweet, and many laughed at the benighted remark, Robert Spencer of  PJ Media stated, “But instead of laughing, they should have been asking themselves what the Times’ agenda was in publishing such a patently false statement…the Times, along with the rest of the establishment media, is doing everything it can to establish the inevitability of a Biden/Harris presidency before the president’s court challenges reach the Supreme Court, so as to make the Court as hesitant to buck the prevailing winds as it was when it approved of Obamacare.”

The winner of the U.S. presidential contest is NOT determined once the media calls the race, but after the votes are certified and the electors in each state cast their vote in December, then it goes to the House for a final count. Traditionally, once the states have certified their totals and the losing opponent gives a concession speech, as long as the state electors follow suit, you have a clear winner. Fortunately, President Trump will not concede as multiple lawsuits will go to the Supreme Court and the challenge to nullify the cheating succeeds.

Currently, the Trump Campaign has, or will be filing lawsuits in several states (GA, WI, MI, PA, AZ and NV) seeking recounts to make sure illegal votes aren’t counted and legal votes are processed.  The fact that many states refused to allow Republican poll watchers access at polling locations and some actually trained Democrat poll watchers on how to cheat discriminately, is appalling and constitutionally illegal. Of course, if the Democrat Party has gone this far to steal an election, anything is possible.

The most blatant trickery was the Democrats’ use of deceased voters. President Trump’s campaign has just found several cases of dead voters casting votes from the grave in this election in Pennsylvania.  

Voter records show someone used the identity of John H. Granahan of Allentown, Pennsylvania to vote in the recent election, even though Granahan died in May 2019,” according to the campaign. And that’s just one of many.

As if the illegal or dead votes aren’t enough, we have the Michigan County of Antrim as evidence that vote-counting software of Dominion Voting Systems used in the state changed Trump votes to Biden as well to Democratic Senator Gary Peters instead of GOP candidate John James. This post-9/11 software originally designed to spy on terrorists was revamped when Obama took office and used to spy on Republicans in order to garner secrets in exchange for control. According to Author Frank de Varona, we know that “Barack Obama and Biden committed fraud in 2008 and in 2012 assisted by Acorn communists, the CIA supercomputers THE HAMMER with its software SCORECARD, and the Dominion Voting Systems electronic voting machines with the Smartmatic Venezuelan software.” And in 2020, they used it to make Biden the next President of the US in order to further their diabolical plan to globalize our country.

In this case, due to the massive voter fraud, President Trump is smart not to concede and probably won’t until the fraudulent ballots have been cleared up and the Dominion’s software pattern of deceit is exposed. I still have hope that the President will succeed in his journey to weed out the DC swamp creatures and keep America…America!


by Robert Blau

A military veteran salutes her American flag. The patriotic veteran wears a military uniform, and she faces the flag with honor and respect. The silhouette of the solider is shown against a red, white and blue flag background. There is a flag patch on the sleeve of the woman’s military uniform.

One of the most acclaimed books about injustice in South Africa, written in 1948 by Alan Paton, was entitled “Cry The Beloved Country.”  As our post-election drama continues to unfold, I am crying for our beloved United States of America, which needs a lot more work than Donald Trump’s first term to be made great again.  In the very city where our nation’s founders declared our independence as a republic and a democracy, vote counters have produced numbers in an opaque process, not even consistent with rules established by the Pennsylvania state legislature – rules unconstitutionally changed by corrupt judges in a way that made “ballot harvesting” easier to accomplish.  Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney last Friday said with a straight face that our founding fathers would be proud of this process.  No they wouldn’t.

I cry for our country when we reach the point that we cannot trust officials to carry out a fair election.  We saw this happen at the beginning of the year with the miniature-sized Iowa Caucus, which the Democrat party thoroughly mishandled.  Now we see irregularities in state-wide vote-counting, which are a combination of computer glitches and questionable inclusion of mail-in ballots that do not all appear to be cross-referenced with voter registration rolls or comply with election-day deadlines.  There is an objective truth about legitimate votes cast in Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.  Maybe that truth is that Biden won, which would be disappointing but acceptable.  But not knowing the truth, which includes the clear possibility that Trump won, is unacceptable.  That is why it is fully justifiable to pursue recounts and lawsuits aimed at uncovering that objective truth.

The irony is that the United States and other Western democracies have, for many years, led efforts to observe and even help organize elections in other parts of the world.  Even in places with weak democratic institutions, for example, El Salvador and Bosnia, ballot counting was done under the watchful eye of observers from the participating political parties, which made it nearly impossible to cheat.  Additionally, voters would have a finger dipped in indelible ink to prevent them from voting more than once.   After our 2020 experience, we will have lost our standing as a country to lecture others about free and fair elections.  That includes the overseas arms of our major political parties: The National Democratic Institute and the International Republican Institute, both of which should go out of business.

I cry for our country because we have lost faith in a wide range of governing institutions.  Our congress impeached President Trump without any justification.  Our FBI and CIA manufactured fake intelligence on which to base spying on the 2016 Trump campaign and a debilitating inquest into so-called collusion with Russia that was essentially a coup d’etat against our elected President.  The FBI invented out of whole cloth the evidence to ruin General Flynn, with the assistance of a compliant judge.  Not a single person who participated in these misdeeds has been charged with a crime.  Instead they have lucrative contracts with mainstream media or positions on the faculties of Washington DC area universities.

While in the past I might have cried because the professional sports teams I rooted for lost the big games, now I cry because sports have been politicized.  Millionaire athletes certainly enjoy freedom of speech, but when they combine their athleticism with social justice virtue signaling, especially disrespecting our flag, I refuse to watch.  For the first time in my life I did not watch a single inning of this year’s World Series.  Nor will I watch the next Super Bowl.  I haven’t watched any NBA games since some time in the 1990s, when players on the NY Knicks made public anti-Semitic comments.  

The same goes for much of the rest of popular culture.  I used to like watching police shows, but now they are either cancelled or scripted in a way that lectures us about social justice.  Feature films and most other TV shows are populated with performers whose views are radical leftist and anti-American, and they are shamelessly vulgar about it.  There only seems to be refuge these days in the Hallmark Channel and Acorn from the UK.

But unquestionably the worst of all are the media.  How can you ever believe what a journalist on TV or any media writes or says, or give any credence to a public opinion poll?  The mainstream media reported 90 percent negative news about the Trump Administration, even though positive news abounded—both on our economy and in international affairs.  After Chris Wallace’s anti-Trump performance as a debate moderator and Fox News’ unjustifiably late call for Florida and jumping the gun for Arizona on election night, there is now no big-media place to turn for fair, objective news.  For these reasons, President Trump was forced to get his message out directly via social media, which themselves are biased and unreliable, as the main outlets are run by leftists.

Until all, or even half of this is fixed, we will need Donald Trump, or someone like him, to help us find our path back to American greatness.


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