Trump fundraising spikes after Fulton County mugshot, surpassing $20M in August

President Trump has raised more than $9.4 million since being processed and taking a mugshot in Fulton County, Georgia last week—bringing the Trump campaign’s fundraising numbers for the month of August to more than $20 million, Fox News Digital has learned.

President Trump turned himself in at the Fulton County, GA jail last Thursday night taking advantage of the situation with his much-publicized mug shot. District Attorney Fani Willis’ bogus investigation into his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election in Georgia will not stop President Trump from capitalizing on these lies.

The Trump campaign began selling mugshot merchandise following the event which spiked the fundraising numbers. Over 36,000 t-shirts with Trump’s historic mugshot have been sold, bringing in more than $1.7 million. They also sold 24,000 mugshot coffee mugs, bringing in $864,000 and 8,600 mugshot posters, raking in $352,000.

After being processed President Trump said Georgia officials “insisted” he have a mugshot taken. He said that doing so was “not a comfortable feeling—especially when you’ve done nothing wrong.” Yet he was able to turn it into gold…

President Trump’s campaign releases a new “summer blockbuster” political ad highlighting Democrats’ well-documented history of disputing election results.

“Republican supporters and President Trump are being ridiculed, persecuted, and even prosecuted by Biden, congressional democrats, and their radical prosecutors for raising questions about the accuracy of the 2020 victory,” the video begins.

“This may be one of the most hypocritical acts in history considering the Democrats have violently claimed that the last three Republican Presidential wins were stolen, rigged, and illegitimate, and it was Democrats who tried to stop the certification of a Republican President,” it continues.

President Trump announced the “must watch” video on Truth Social this week.

St Johns County Local Republican Group Allowed Democrat Infiltration Fueling Discord Amongst Members and Leadership
By Diane Scherff

As a past Vice-chair of the St Johns County REC (Republican Executive Committee), I have witnessed egomania, self-serving agendas, backstabbing, nefarious finances, illegal actions and campaign irregularities. Yet, this pales in comparison to the divisive and dangerous atmosphere of the current REC in our county run by those with a questionable agenda.

Unfortunately, REC Chair and Board positions can breed power-hungry individuals who enforce their own agenda for personal gain, not necessarily for the good of all conservatives. In some cases, not even for the right political party. The SJC REC Chair Blake Patterson has had a tumultuous Summer with his irrational 911 call when his meeting got out of order despite police being on hand and his off-hand comments to a respected young black conservative Daryl Boyer, running for House Representative in District 19.

As reported last week, Paterson met with Boyer, ‘allegedly’ telling him that House District 19 will not elect a Black man to that office, as well as other comments about his young age. These comments are not fitting of anyone, much less the Chair of the Republican Party, who is held to a higher standard.

As the REC meetings continue to draw bitterness, arguing and divisiveness, many have called for Patterson to “step down.”

We must unite our strong conservative base going into the most important election of our time. True non-RINO Republicans must take back our county, state and country and the REC plays an integral role. Yet, with the REC in complete disarray, this will be tough.

Let’s get our act together St Johns…

The commercial area of Cedar Key was entirely flooded, a resident on the scene said.

Dear Trump Supporters,

Luckily, we dodged a bullet in SJC, but many fellow Floridians in the Big Bend area of Taylor County did not. Keaton Beach, Steinhatchee, Horseshoe Bay and other areas were flooded and homes destroyed. My parents used to have a house in Keaton Beach. It’s a quaint area outside of Perry. Prayers for all of the people who suffered damage and loss due to Hurricane Idalia.

Poor Mitch goes blank again; As President Trump is targeted over and over again and the Biden Crime family continues to escape justice, Senator Mitch McConnell freezes AGAIN during an interview… The Senate Minority Leader is raising concerns after another incident in which he suddenly stopped speaking during a press conference with reporters. In July, McConnell also blanked out briefly, but this time was worse.

McConnell is the joint longest-serving party leader in the history of the upper chamber — having led Senate Republicans since 2007.

In light of his health concerns, some Republicans, such as former President Trump and others have implied he should step down. Even though he’s a GOP establishment player, it’s still sad. It’s time to call for TERM LIMITS once again!

Tucker Carlson flew to Hungary last week and gave two powerful speeches – apologizing for the United State’s lack of diplomacy and its “cultural imperialism.” According to Zerohedge, Carlson started by apologizing on behalf of the United States after US Ambassador David Pressman, a gay activist, lectured the Hungarian government over LGBTQ rights.

“The point of diplomacy is not to hector other nations for its own sake,” said Carlson. “To show up in someone else’s country and scream at them because they’re different from you.”

“I’m not in the habit of apologizing for the United States. In fact, I don’t think I ever have, but the behavior of the American ambassador to Hungary makes me want to apologize,” said Carlson. “It’s disgusting and inexcusable. It’s also so far from the norms of diplomacy in my country that it’s hard for me to believe that David Pressman is actually doing what he’s doing.”

Carlson then warned: “It’s the ones who tell you the 180-degree opposite of the truth who you need to be careful of and they’re the ones who will enslave you.”

He also warned NATO… “The world is resetting completely. The post-war order is collapsing. NATO is going to collapse. NATO cannot stand long term.”

Thank you, Tucker. Now that you are away from the establishment at Fox, you can help spread the truth!

Tucker Carlson went to Budapest to interview Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Hungary shares a border with Ukraine and is a current target of the U.S. State Department, Samantha Power, and the CIA for regime change.

Pro-Trump Prime Minister Orban said if President Trump was in office, Russia not have invaded Ukraine and that it’s time to bring back President Trump to end the war in there. Orban said President Trump had the best foreign policy of any US president in decades AND that everybody knows that.

Orban also called America a COMMUNIST country under Obama/Biden for the endless persecution of Trump: “To use the justice system against political opponents – like in your country – is done by the Communists. It’s a very Communist methodology to do that.”

Watch Tucker’s Ep. 20 with PM Orban:

COVID crackdowns reversed; According to an Epoch Times article, Lionsgate Studios and Kaiser Permanente both backed off their recently-announced mask mandates after popular pushback. Kaiser Permanente in Santa Rosa, California, on Aug. 24 reversed a recent policy that would require masks in its hospital after it reinstated the mandate days before. Hollywood studio Lionsgate also said it would do away with its mandate. READ ARTICLE We must continue to fight these mandates.

It’s no secret that the tyrants want to reclaim the absolute power they assumed during COVID-19. They’re trying it again because, in 2020, we let it get too far. But it’s 2023, and many now are wise to their tyrannical calls for emergency virus powers…

President Trump is also on the anti-COVID lockdowns;
To every COVID Tyrant who wants to take away our freedom, hear these words… WE WILL NOT COMPLY

What do UNC and Wuhan have in common?

Anti-COVID “Vax” warrior Dr. Robert Malone concludes in a new video that a breach of security occurred in our intelligence community when our government, working with Ecohelath Alliance Ralph Baric (who is connected to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), transferred technology and funds to the Wuhan Institute of Virology…a funding transfer and technology transfer that NIH Director Anthony Fauci covered up.

Dr. Robert Malone: “There was a quid pro quo set up, and we transferred technology into Wuhan Institute of Virology to allow a limited number of human assets to have visibility of what was going on there…

There was technology transfer associated with Ralph Baric, and that whole program involved modern advanced recombinant virology and DNA technology and known research specifically on coronaviruses. If you go back in the literature, coronaviruses have been identified as one of the leading candidate agents for biowarfare for a very long time.

There was technology transferred from EcoHealth Alliance and Ralph Baric having to do with this furin cleavage site. The specific mutations. The engineering of the virus. And potentially passaging in a humanized mouse strain that gave rise to a cluster of coronaviruses that were kept banked…”

Ironically, two days ago, Tailei Qi, a Ph.D. student majoring in applied physical sciences at UNC Chapel Hill who had also graduated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2015, was arrested for the fatal shooting of Zijie Yan, the head of the Department of Applied Sciences and Qi’s academic adviser. Same university connections…

Seems kind of suspicious..

Whistleblower who disclosed Myocarditis spike In Military after COVID vaccine rollout goes public; A member of the US military disclosed data from a Pentagon medical database showing a spike in the rate of myocarditis in the military in 2021, following the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines and is going public.

Whistleblower Navy Medical Service Corps officer Lt. Ted Macie told The Epoch Times that he began “keeping an eye on” a defense medical database when another whistleblower alerted him to a rise in health-related incidents in the winter of 2021/2022. Macie noticed diagnoses of myocarditis, a serious heart inflammation condition, jumped 130.5 percent in 2021 when compared to the average from the years 2016 to 2020.

All four of the COVID-19 “vaccines” authorized in the United States can cause myocarditis and the shots were mandatory in the military in 2021 until Congress forced its withdrawal in late 2022…sadly too late. READ ARTICLE

Climate Crazies Block Entrance to Iconic Burning Man Festival;
Burning Man is an iconic annual, week-long get-away for people “seeking the personally transformative experiences of self-realization” at a site in the northwest Nevada desert. According to Unleash Prosperity, “Some 80,000 people show up, including hippies, peaceniks, and celebrities, but also many middle-class Americans who just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of 21st-century living for a while.”

But this year the trek to the two-lane highway to Burning Man was barricaded by climate activists. They parked a 28-foot trailer in the middle of the road and chained themselves to the truck while demanding Burning Man ban private jets, plastics, and the use of propane. Fortunately, Nevada police decided to stop these nuts. READ ARTICLE

Watch how the Nevada police handle these whacko climate activists:

Stay strong…

List of SJC Local Races in 2024

God Bless,
Diane Scherff
Trump Club of St Johns County

Follow me on Telegram: Trump Patriots #DScherff
Truth Social: @NFLconservativeleader


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