Dear Trump Supporters,

WEEKLY SUMMARY; NATIONALLY: The protests advance across Europe as the people continue to push back against the deep-state globalists’ and their installed puppet politicians. The Biden-Obama administration’s economic agenda continues to unravel as prices go up, the dollar falls and layoffs abound. And the people see. Possibly realizing that cheating this time around will fail, the deep-state globalists are building the narrative for a civil war. But the people see.

Biden has created proxy wars in the Middle East, profiting from all sides while more American soldiers are killed and he is preparing to hit Iran using cyber attacks. All this at a time when the US military has a recruitment crisis having to reduce its standards.

And America’s border, trampled, demolished and obliterated, may have a chance in Texas due to Governor Abbott’s fight against our own government to keep illegals out. Twenty-five state governors have offered their national guards to assist in stabilizing the Texas border against the Biden-Obama administration’s wishes.

All the while, President Trump triumphs through faux indictments and disgraceful jury awards gaining momentum through every trial. Most importantly, the people are waking up!

LOCAL LEVEL: Just as the deep state continues to take down effective conservatives on the national level, St Johns County has its own deep state attempting a coup. We have reached a precipice…several small groups affiliated with liberal activists are using lies and propaganda to overthrow our county commission by taking down our only conservative commissioners. Spreading blatant lies on social media (FB, Next Door), the SJC deep-state successfully and horrifically took down one of our top true-Republican commissioners who stood for conservative values and fought against liberal ideologies…Jeremiah Blocker.

Now this group is trying to take out three very conservative commissioners; Henry Dean, Roy Alaimo and Christian Whitehurst, to install their own puppets. They are playing a dangerous game in an attempt to turn our county BLUE, by embellishing facts and campaigning against “over development.” Sadly, people on these stupid social media sites are believing every word. When will people actually think for themselves and do the research? Case in point, they’re circulating an ad for their puppets using completely false data against current commissioners. Ironically, the leader of their group has even called me out for being “in bed with the developers.”

Well, I can tell you that I’m not “in bed” with anyone but my pup and I believe in fair balanced progress through building and infrastructure. Having lived all over the country, this is nothing new. Growth happens everywhere…it’s how it’s managed. These people have no idea what goes into making decisions on this level for a fast-growing county such as ours. So please fight back and help stop this cancer from spreading in our community.

A borderless America has brought in more than just Democrat votes; In my humble opinion, securing our border is the most important issue facing American citizens today, yet the Biden-Obama Administration, who single-handedly created this dangerous situation, continues to let millions of illegals pour into our country. For votes? Sure. To replace Americans? Definitely. But more importantly, they are recruiting an arsenal of soldiers to revolt against us. Now some congressional Democrats are acknowledging that Biden has the power to take executive actions to better secure the U.S. border without additional legislation passed by Congress.

Biden created the border crisis after he rescinded many Trump-era border executive orders upon taking office and unilaterally ended the border emergency that President Trump had implemented after he took office in January 2021.

House Speaker Mike Johnson emphasized this week that Biden already has the authority to make significant changes to the border policy without a border deal in Congress.

“President Biden falsely claimed yesterday he needs Congress to pass a new law to allow him to close the southern border, but he knows that is untrue,” Johnson wrote on X over the weekend. “As I explained to him in a letter late last year, and have specifically reiterated to him on multiple occasions since, he can and must take executive action immediately to reverse the catastrophe he has created.”

Yet many Democrats still believe in enabling the Biden administration to allow more migrants to enter illegally.

Russell Brand, a Brit to boot, nails the globalists’ intentions and how the American government enables their agenda; Tucker Carlson interviews Russell Brand after the deep state’s spread sexual assault lies about Brand. This is a must-watch video as Brand explains exactly what is happening in the world…

  • That only at the precipice of disaster, will people find the will to change and to truly awaken to the hidden slavery that we’ve been under our entire lives. Despite whatever weariness you may feel, the awakening is happening. 

“People aren’t buying it. That’s the problem, people are waking up. Jesus, is there a better example…The more they hate him, the more people like him. Because what they know is they don’t trust the establishment anymore. They cannot trust the establishment…

A crisis becomes an invitation. A catastrophe is an invitation. It seems whether you’re on the left or the right. Everyone believes catastrophe is coming. It will be an invitation. If it wants we are being offered is a slow grind into endless war and more authoritarianism.. What have we got to lose when all they are offering us is more war, endless pandemics…

I think in a sense, surely that God is creating the perfect conditions for our mutual awakening. And perhaps what’s required is the spur, the ignition of something so unbearable that people will awaken rather than endure it any further. And perhaps that is what we are being offered now. Yes, of course, it seems, like we are on the precipice of catastrophe… But also it seems like a potential offering to awakening. And I don’t think we have any other choice but to see it that way.”

Russel Brand

An interesting take on the middle east crisis from MSM CNN;

The Biden administration has a regional war on its hands in the Middle East and needs to change its strategy fast.

Three US soldiers were killed and more than 30 injured in a drone attack in Jordan this weekend, the first lethal attack on American targets in the Middle East since the October 7 assault on Israel by Hamas.

Since the war in Gaza began, Biden’s administration officials have been saying multiple versions of “we got this,” and have been working hard to contain any wider conflict. 

Yet, in the past four months, we have also seen:

Routine Houthi drone and missile strikes in the Red Sea against commercial shipping and American warships, followed by retaliatory US and UK strikes in Yemen against Houthi targets.

Almost daily Israeli strikes against Hezbollah targets in Lebanon and almost daily Hezbollah strikes against Israeli targets.

More than 150 drone and missile attacks on US troops in Iraq and Syria, and in response, US airstrikes against Iran-backed militias in Iraq and Syria.

Multiple Israeli strikes against Iran-linked Syrian targets.

An ISIS-launched major terrorist attack in Iran. 

Pakistan strike against Iranian targets, and Iran strike against Pakistani targets.

A full-scale war in Gaza with no end in sight, while a vocal lobby in Israel pushes for a wider war with Hezbollah after tens of thousands of Israelis fled their homes to avoid becoming targets of the Iranian proxy’s rockets CNN

Then we have MSNBC talking head Joy Reid hilariously reveal herself to be a propagandist Monday, when she accidentally chastised Biden on a hot mic saying, “‘Starting another f****** war.”

Annoying as she is, her statement is correct. As Biden continues to fuel the fires in the world screaming incoherently in press conferences, Trump is campaigning to end the wars. Reid unwittingly exposed herself as agreeing with President Trump. Was this planned? Oh boy, is this the beginning of the awakening of the MSM??

One of Obama’s White House-era moves may prove President Trump is innocent; President Trump seems to be winning against the deep state globalists by using the weapons of the enemy against them. An Obama-era policy/directive is being turned back around and used to both define and codify President Trump’s ability to use the same powers when it involves classification, DECLAS, and most importantly, information access and control when it comes to foreign interference and threats to national security.

According to an article in the Washington Examiner, a mostly secret Obama administration directive intended to shield the White House from foreign cyberattacks “may be relevant” to President Trump‘s liability in his criminal classified documents case. Obama’s March 2015 Presidential memorandum established the president’s “exclusive control” over information resources provided to the president, the vice president, and the Exexcutive Office of the President (EOP). Moreover, it made clear that any records sent to EOP systems or records stemming from those systems are controlled by the president.

The more they pin on President Trump, the more he magically defeats them…

The US Navy is losing recruits due to Biden’s lack of leadership and insane jab mandates; According to the Epoch Tiimes,the U.S. Navy said Friday it will be starting to enlist those who didn’t graduate from high school, the latest attempt to fill its ranks in the wake of a recruiting crisis that troubles every branch of the U.S. military.

Under the new plan, Navy recruits without a high school diploma will be able to join as long as they score 50 or higher on the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT), which is used to determine basic eligibility for military service. The highest possible AFQT score one could get is 99.

Due to the lack of respect for our ‘leader,’ the Biden administration needs to relax military recruitment standards to keep our military afloat (literally). You no longer have to be fit, 18-39 years old (it’s 41 now), mentally sound, or even educated. They just need bodies. If they don’t get enough potentially mentally unstable overweight 41 year olds, they’ll reinstate selective service.

Scientists call for an end to mRNA jabs; Unfortunately, doctors still demand untested injections for children and adults, but there is a recent movement to ban the injections…a global moratorium!

Scientists Call for Global Moratorium on mRNA Vaccines, Immediate Removal From Childhood Schedule

A review paper published last week in the journal Cureus is the first peer-reviewed paper to call for a global moratorium on the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. The authors say that reanalyzed data from the vaccine makers’ trials and high rates of serious post-injection injuries indicate the mRNA gene therapy vaccines should not have been authorized for use…

“It is unethical and unconscionable to administer an experimental vaccine to a child who has a near-zero risk of dying from COVID-19 (IFR, 0.0003%) but a well-established 2.2% risk of permanent heart damage based on the best prospective data available,” they wrote.

Finally, the authors called for a full investigation into misconduct by pharmaceutical companies and the regulatory agencies.


Finally, back to St Johns County; Here is an “ad” posted on Nextdoor by the SJC deep-state claiming overdevelopment lies from current commissioners Whitehurst and Dean. What they fail to tell you is that these “votes” were not all for developments but also for consent agenda items that could be as simple as moving a fire hydrant or other things that actually benefit residents. The leader of this deep state is deceiving the public by twisting the narrative to promote her own liberal agenda. This is nothing personal against the DS candidates running, they are lovely people but are being controlled by the wrong ones.

Just as the RINO/Uniparty/deep state people are trying to stop President Trump, it’s happening here! We must stop it before they succeed again. Why can’t everyone just be HONEST and tell the truth? These people are not here for you but for themselves.

So once again we will have to fight to keep the Democrats off the Republican ticket. Please speak out against these liberals posing as conservatives on social media. If not, we will lose our county!

Hold on to your faith. The world is changing faster than technology and to be prepared we have to discern between truth and deep-state propaganda.

And stop watching Fox!!!!


God Bless,

Diane Scherff
Trump Club of St Johns County

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