By Diane Scherff

As Democrat-run American cities continue to burn and be destroyed, Democrat leaders like Pelosi prove the adage, “do as I say, not what I do,” and Trump supporters are murdered, President Trump soars ahead in the hearts of many. Upon reflection, over the last week I have researched and written a list of President Trump accomplishments as of September and the list is 17 pages long! I am now working to condense the list in the form of a cheat sheet to use in speaking with your liberal family and friends.

Please read and share…. President Trump Accomplishments

WE HAVE RAISED $34,000 to date!

We have raised $34,000 to date for the TRUMP VICTORY CAMPAIGN. CONGRATULATIONS!! Visit our Home Page and click on the link to donate!

Trump Grassroots Team Florida Cultivates 2016 Trump Campaign Leaders

As the 2016 SJC Trump Campaign Chair, I was asked to participate in a new grassroots group added to help President Trump win in Florida. Our team of 2016 leaders and volunteers will help the local RPOF/REC teams get the job accomplished. Here are a couple of points:

  • National Polls have Biden up by 2 in FL (Clinton was +9 prior to the 2016 election)
  • Due to COVID, President Trump will be holding smaller group events in the state
  • We have launched the largest Poll Watching Operation in Campaign history. We will need to train over 10,000 poll watchers in FL for Early Voting and Election Day.
  • We also need a team of volunteers to call absentee voters who have unmatched signatures, wrong information, etc so they can be corrected and counted.
  • We will be getting materials directly from this group ie; Palm cards, signs, etc
  • If you worked the campaign in 2016, please contact me (Diane Scherff) by responding to this email.


in the last month:

  • Democrats lost numbers over the last 25 days in 25 FL Counties
  • Republicans produced higher registrations in 60 of the 67 Florida Counties


REPs = 80,484 DEMs = 45,865

Stephen Strang, Author to Speak at the Trump Club of SJC Meeting September 14th

Stephen E. Strang is the best-selling author of God and Donald Trump, which was brandished by the president at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in 2018. The founder and CEO of Charisma Media, Strang was voted by Time magazine as one of the 25 most influential Evangelicals in America. He has interviewed four US presidents and has been featured on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, CBN, Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk, and The Daily Caller, and in many Christian outlets.

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By Robert Blau

One of the lines that drew applause in President Trump’s RNC speech last week was his proud declaration of American energy independence, which is one of the most under-reported and unheralded achievements of his first Administration.

Think back to the 1970s, when we were the target of an OPEC oil embargo, resulting in shortages and long lines at gas pumps–all in response to our going to bat for Israel during the Yom Kippur War.  Or remember how vulnerable our economy was as recently as 2008, when the price of oil per barrel climbed to 140 dollars (today it’s 44).  At the time the commentariat gave us analyses and sermons about the phenomenon of “peak oil,”  a point after which the world’s supply of petroleum and its derivatives would begin to decline–first just failing to meet demand, and then eventually running out.  

The combination of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) technology and Trump Administration deregulation has had the effect of vastly increasing U.S. petroleum production and turning us into a net exporter as of the end of 2018.  The graph below shows the trend since 1987.

The benefits to the USA are spectacular:  steady prices at the gas pumps, economic boomlets in new production areas such as North Dakota, and plenty of fuel in reserve in case of a severe spike in demand, as would happen with heating oil during an exceedingly cold winter.  

For national security the results are every bit as beneficial.  Greater supply means lower world prices for oil, which weakens adversaries that are overly dependent on petroleum exports, such as Iran, Russia and Venezuela.  U.S. energy independence means we no longer have to worry about pleasing OPEC countries as we carry out our foreign policy.  The new peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates is, in part, a product of this new international dynamic.

The ultimate irony of 2020 is that as a result of COVID-19, usage of fossil fuels has decreased so dramatically that oil producing countries and companies are a lot more worried about having reached and passed “peak demand” than they may have been about reaching  “peak oil.”

It is worth comparing and contrasting the Trump Administration’s energy successes with the Democratic party’s embrace of the so-called “Green New Deal,” the energy components of which are as follows:

  • Transform our energy system to 100 percent renewable energy and create 20 million jobs needed to solve the climate crisis;
  • Ensure a just transition for communities and workers, including fossil fuel workers;
  • End the greed of the fossil fuel industry and hold them accountable.

In the real world, these ideas have failed miserably, not because renewable energy isn’t a good idea, but because it’s not nearly enough to power our modern society.  In 2018, renewables accounted for only 11 percent of U.S. energy consumption, and about a quarter of that was hydropower, which is probably already maxed out.  California has suffered rolling blackouts for the past year as a result of unreliable supply from renewable sources, such as wind farms.  As the failure of the Obama-Administration-subsidized Solyndra Inc., demonstrated, it is not yet evident that renewable energy businesses are profitable in the short to medium term.  Additionally, it takes about as much fossil fuel to build an electric car and supply the power to recharge its battery as could conceivably be saved in foregone purchases of gasoline.  Politically, it is probably as harmful to Biden in 2020 to replay his comments to coal miners that they should learn computer coding, as it was to Hillary Clinton in 2016 to forecast the inevitable disappearance of mining jobs.  Coal, oil, and gas producing or refining states (Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, among others) are not likely to embrace the Green New Deal any time soon.

So yes, fossil fuels are a finite resource and they generate pollution.  And there probably is a point in time when the world’s petroleum supply could conceivably start to run out; however, attempts to predict when that point will occur have been consistently wrong since the original oil rush in Titusville, Pennsylvania in 1859.  As Yogi Berra once said: “The future ain’t what it used to be.”  Additionally, it makes sense to conserve energy wherever possible, just to be consistent with the life philosophy of “waste not want not.”  But the big picture for our country is that for as far as we can reasonably measure, petroleum products will be the main source of our energy supply, and we are much more secure and prosperous if we continue to be a world leader in their production.  Trump voters get that, deplorable as we may be.


How We’re Developing a COVID-19 Vaccine at ‘Warp Speed’

Thanks to Operation Warp Speed, “the entire process for delivering a safe and effective vaccine—to be assessed by FDA’s apolitical scientific experts just as any other vaccine would be—is underway and on track,” HHS Secretary Alex Azar writes in USA Today.

“We are immensely encouraged by the progress so far, and hope to celebrate the successful delivery of a safe and effective vaccine in large quantities in the months to come.”

We must show our support for Republicans running for Congress in Florida. Click on the link below to see all the Congressional Races in Florida

FL Congressional Races


Reba Ludlow

For Group 5 – St. Johns County Airport Authority

“The Northeast Florida Regional Airport is an important economic gateway for our county and possible future transportation hub. We need an Airport Authority Board Member who can help provide an aggressive strategy for General Aviation, good financial management, and capital development for future operations.” – Reba Ludlow

  • 35 years of experience interfacing with our Airport Authority
  • Understands airport operations and possible opportunities for future sustainable growth

Trump Club member and former Trump Administration appointee Robert Blau, now representing Keller Williams Atlantic Partners, will make a significant donation to the Trump 2020 campaign for each real estate commission he earns from one of our members who uses his services to buy or sell a home.

For further information, call 904-338-3280 or email [email protected] .


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