Dear Patriots!

As you know, after failing to hit their goal of vaccinating 70% of Americans by July 4th, the Biden regime is recruiting left-wing activists to go door-to-door to gather information on who has not been vaccinated and to strongly encourage them to get the COVID jab; despite the growing body of evidence that shows the experimental drug is dangerous and even deadly. We should have the right to choose!

Unfortunately, Illinois has just begun a government volunteer training program.

Newly released training documents detail how the government is recruiting and training Dems to pester senior citizens and families in their communities who should have the freedom to make their own choices.

Lake County, Illinois released documents relating to their “Community Health Ambassador Outreach Door Knocking Project” that is designed to increase “COVID Vaccine Acceptance.” The documents reveal this administration’s questionable tactics in their slimy sales pitch for door knockers to ‘educate’ people on the experimental jab while invading their privacy and withholding vaccine side effects, according to the Gateway Pundit.

Photos of the script uncover their campaign to lie to, harass, and intimidate those who have not received a vaccine. Volunteers are instructed to lie to property managers hiding the fact that they really are there to gather personal information and coerce residents to get vaccinated.

The script instructs ‘vaccine soliders’ to lie about side effects and that they should end their conversations by telling the harassed senior citizen to “be a part of the COVID solution.”

They are also directed to violate people’s privacy by ignoring “no solicitation” restrictions and adding residents’ personal information to a government database.

I have spoken to the SJC Sheriff’s Office and this type of door-to-door is considered a solicitation.

Remember, don’t open your door to strangers…these are crazy times but we can pull together and fight the evil. Do not be intimidated!


KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Your Power to Trespass- By KrisAnne Hall, JD

If a government agent or assignee comes to your property, it will be important to those who wish to protect their privacy and property to KNOW THEIR RIGHTS.

– You do not have to answer ANY QUESTIONS or make ANY STATEMENTS to ANY GOVERNMENT AGENT or assignee. (5th Amendment of the US Constitution and the corresponding section of your State Constitution)

– Simply asking an agent to identify themselves does not waive your rights.

– You have the right to be free from any government agent or assignee entering your property, your home, or your business without a properly obtained warrant. (4th and 5th Amendments of the US Constitution and corresponding sections of your State Constitution.)

– Simply demanding a copy of that warrant does not waive your rights.

– You have the right to tell any government agent or assignee to leave your property if they cannot produce a properly obtained warrant. (4th and 5th Amendments of the US Constitution and corresponding sections of your State Constitution.)

– Simply demanding an agent or assignee of the government to leave your property does not waive your rights.

– If a government agent or assignee refuses to leave your property or returns to your property after being warned against entering or returning, that agent or assignee has committed the crime of Trespass and is subject to arrest. (State Law, 4th & 5th Amendments to the US Constitution and corresponding sections of State Constitution as confirmed by Supreme Court Opinions).

– You have the Right to record through audio, video, or photographic recording of any government agent or assignee on your property, either with or without consent of that agent or assignee. (Multiple Federal Court Opinions recognize that the First Amendment plainly protects the filming of officers and public agents.)

Please click here for a TRESPASS WARNING FORM that you may print and issue to any government agent or assignee that fails to satisfy the requirements of the US and State Constitutions. HAND THE COMPLETED FORM DIRECTLY TO THE AGENT OR ASSIGNEE WHILE TELLING THEM THEY MUST NOW LEAVE THE PROPERTY AND YOU WILL NOT BE ANSWERING ANY QUESTIONS.

You should have your address pre-written on the form and as the need arises, fill in the date and time. It is highly recommended that you take a picture of the agent you are serving the warning so you may then prove that this person has been issued a formal Trespass Warning.

Liberty First Legal, INC. 7/7/2021

** See what EVERYONE is Raving About! Watch:

I know it sounds crazy that these two draconian steps would be taken by the government to obtain control over its citizens, but it is real. Please just don’t answer your door or be prepared to follow the steps above.

Diane Scherff, President
Trump Club of St Johns County


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