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— September 27, 2023 —

ICYMI: Highlights from President Trump’s Remarks in Clinton Township, MI

Watch Video

“Under a Trump administration, gasoline engines will be allowed—and sex changes for children will be banned!”

“The only time Joe Biden has ever gotten his hands dirty is when he’s taking cash from foreign countries— which is quite often, actually.”

“Biden’s electric vehicle mandate isn’t a government regulation. It’s a government ASSASSINATION of your jobs and your industry.”

“A vote for crooked Joe means that the future of the auto industry will be made in China.”

Dear Trump Supporters,

Some good news…Defense Secretary Austin’s salary cut to $1 under GOP budget plan; The Military Times ran a story this week claiming House Republicans approved a measure to slash Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s annual salary from $221,000 to $1, based on their “dissatisfaction with his work,” including the botched withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, the military’s disgraceful recruiting shortfalls, and his maniacal covid vaccine policies.

Thank goodness for Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, who proposed the salary-cutting amendment. Additionally, GOP lawmakers approved similar measures to cut the salaries of other Defense Department positions including, the Pentagon’s director of diversity and inclusion, the head of the department’s equity and inclusion office, the military’s chief diversity officer, and the openly trans assistant secretary of defense for readiness.

Finally…. Now, stop giving a cent to Ukraine and start giving millions toward securing the border….

THEY KNEW–Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) emails reveal the White House, CDC and NIH knew that the COVID-19 shots were causing deadly blood clots and Myocarditis in MAY 2021 (and some even earlier). Worse, the senior White House team colluded with the media to lie to the American people regarding the dangers of these COVID-19 shots in 2021. The 46 pages of FOIA-retrieved emails between CDC leaders, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Collins, the White House, NIH and Health and Human Services show they knew about vaccine-induced Myocarditis and Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia, a blood clotting disorder. Interestingly, over 80% of the emails were fully redacted (blank pages not just blacked out). But enough to release the bombshell report. See Article

Dr Naomi Wolf, CEO of Daily Clout and an anti-vaccine pioneer, was interviewed on Steve Bannon describing the bombshell work of her colleagues, Amy Kelly and attorney Edward Berkovich who obtained FOIA emails revealing those in charge knew the shots were dangerous, yet kept forcing them on us. “Blood clots, lung clots, leg clots, problems with platelets, clots in your brain…They know it’s happening…These are scientists and message people. This is the message shop,” claims Dr Wolf. Watch Dr Wolf Video

Now we must demand the redaction of the rest of the pages and alert all of America to what our government did to try and destroy us via shots. What else have they done to hurt us??? May these wicked people be punished for all of the deaths they have caused.

Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell are on the same page in the Uniparty…

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is willing to sell out his own voters to fund the war in Ukraine by any means necessary, even though over 70% of Republicans are against this aid. Most know by now that Ukraine is not using our taxpayer dollars to help fight against Russia and keep Ukranians safe. Instead, the billions of dollars sent can not be tracked yet Ukrainian leaders are buying mansions. How much of this aid are Senate Majority Leader Schummer and McConnell getting paid?

Last December, McConnell conspired with Chuck Schumer and Biden to ram a $1.7 trillion socialist spending bill through Congress. Once again, McConnell is fully on board with Biden’s scheme to sneak in another $24 billion taken from the $40 million in aid to Hawaii and Hurricane Idalia, even though America is over $32 trillion in debt and a major crisis at the border.

In a press conference, McConnell declared, “Providing assistance for Ukrainians to defeat the Russians is the number one priority for the United States right now according to most Republicans. That’s how we see the challenges confronting the country at the moment.”

Donald Trump Jr is dumbfounded. “Mitch McConnell actually said that most Republicans’ #1 priority is … Ukraine. I have yet to meet a single Republican that thinks that, but I guess the disconnect between actual Republicans and DC swamp rats shouldn’t surprise anyone,” Trump Jr. exclaimed.

No, McConnell, US dollars need to stop lining the pockets of greedy politicians and start securing the border, feeding the poor, building back up our military, helping veterans, etc…


President Trump’s stunning Mar-a-Lago estate is worth $282 million MORE than the $18 million valuation given by the Manhattan judge who held him liable for fraud, Palm Beach realtor says; Democrat Justice Arthur Engoron valued the sprawling 20-acre Florida property at a fraction of its worth compared to surrounding Palm Beach properties in a bombshell ruling. Engoron, a justice of the New York County Supreme Court for civil cases, used the suspiciously low figure to conclude that President Trump’s substantially higher ‘self-reported appraisal was a fraudulent inflation of the property’s value.’

Why does this matter? Because it hinders President Trump’s ability to do business in the state of New York, allowing his business certificates there to be canceled. Instead of waiting for a jury to decide Trump’s guilt or innocence, Engoron unilaterally deemed his guilt of overvaluing his real estate empire’s wealth to get better loan and insurance agreements.

One prominent Palm Beach real estate broker told The New York Post: ‘It’s utterly delusional to think that property is only worth $18 million. If that property were on the market today, I would list it at around $300 million, minimum’ A two-acre lot, located just minutes from Mar-a-Lago, is currently listed for $150 million.

Even corporate media like Forbes, which issued its own $160 million estimation of the 58-bedroom Mar-A-Lago in 2018, values the Trump property well above what Engoron claimed, according to an article in the Federalist.

But fear not, this is just another attempt to restrain President Trump from doing business and living his life. He will persevere.

Sadly, the USA looks and operates as Germany in the 1930s and 1940s.


Biden Bombshell: The President’s brother told FBI that the family tried to help a Chinese firm buy US energy assets; Biden’s brother told agents Hunter Biden believed CEFC company was tied to China’s president.

Just the News reports, that James Biden told the FBI the first family, including Hunter Biden, tried unsuccessfully to help a Chinese company buy U.S. energy assets and did so believing the firm’s leader was tied directly to Communist Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to explosive new documents made public Wednesday by the House Ways and Means Committee on the eve of the first congressional impeachment inquiry hearing.

The bombshell revelation further contradicts Biden’s claim dating to the 2020 election that his family never made money from China. It was released as part of a cache of documents turned over to the committee by FBI whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler.


Universities are wasting money on fake DEI personnel; According to Unleash Prosperity, the Heritage Foundation has just published an astonishing study measuring how many Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) “instructors” are employed at major public state universities.

Virginia ranks as the worst state with a ratio of 6.5 DEI personnel for every 100 faculty members. The University of Virginia has 94 diversity officers on the payroll that the researchers could identify, but there are probably many more.

George Mason University in VA has almost eight diversity personnel for every 100 teachers making them the most DEI-responsible, financially-irresponsible champion.

The DEI farce is literally costing American families thousands in college tuition. How we have let the political minority convince so many of their ridiculous lies is beyond me.

Other states with major DEI programs are shown below:

Elon Musk to Visit Texas Southern Border as Illegal Immigrant Crossings Skyrocket; The Epoch Times reports that Elon Musk will visit Eagle Pass, Texas, later this week as Texas Rep. Tony Gonzales (R) confirmed the southern border is “overwhelmed” by the growing number of immigrants coming into the United States.

Although Musk has been critical of mainstream media for failing to bring attention to the situation at the border, why is he visiting the border now? Hopefully, it to bring more attention to the illegal immigrants and drugs crossing into our country.

But what is Congress doing about this crisis?

NJ Democrat Senator caught in a bribery scheme; Sen. Bob Menendez and his wife, Nadine Menendez, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to federal fraud, bribery and extortion charges. The New Jersey Democrat faces calls to resign after being charged with using his official position to support Egyptian interests and benefit three New Jersey businessmen in exchange for cash and gold, which was found hidden in his house. Two of the charges carry 20-year maximum prison sentences.

Sen. Menendez’s indictment has sparked an FBI investigation into whether Egyptian government officials were involved in the alleged bribery scheme the senator was in charge of, according to reports from NBC News.

Menendez, who chaired the Foreign Relations Committee until he stepped down following the charges, has helped oversee billions in aid for the country during his time in office.


Not one student tested proficient on the 2023 Math test at 13 Baltimore schools;

Almost half the high schools in the Baltimore district are not proficient in Math and the unions blame funding, yet last school year, Baltimore City Schools received $1.6 billion from taxpayers, the most ever.  Furthermore, the CEO of Baltimore City Schools is pulling down a cool $444,875 in total compensation.

Agenda 2030…dumb down American students…check.

Stay strong…

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God Bless,

Diane Scherff
Trump Club of St Johns County

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