Woke and ESG, a Communist Plot to Destroy Middle America?
By Diane Scherff

Investing has become more about pushing fake “wokeism” through ‘stakeholder capitalism’ than it is about profit. Since its inception by Klaus Schwab and the United Nations in 2004, stakeholder capitalism incentivizes business leaders to take wider “social and environmental’ considerations into account and thus make more “sustainable” decisions.

Today’s dominant strain of stakeholder capitalism is the doctrine known as ESG, which stands for “environmental, social, and corporate governance,” which forces the integration of environmental, social and corporate governance issues in asset management, securities brokerage services and associated research functions. A 2021 report states that ESG funds now account for 10% of worldwide fund assets to the tune of $40 trillion in assets. The Federal Reserve and other central banks have pumped massive amounts of money into these financial institutions in recent years and making the institutions less beholden to consumers for their wealth. American corporations with stock in these portfolios have to abide by the ESG rating or lose.

The ESG guidelines instituted by the cabal go even deeper. American corporations are put in a position of either having to upset and lose their customer base over the implementation of these woke policies or lessen their company stock if they don’t adhere. It’s the Cabal against Capitalism. So we get upset, rightfully so, and boycott. But what if that’s what the Cabal wants us to do…to take down American corporations. Budweiser and Target are two well-known American companies.

What if we are being coerced to destroy the companies that represent American culture which unknown to most is a communist plot to remove the middle class completely?

The US Committee on Oversight and Accountability is now looking into ESG.

ESG Part II: The Cascading Impacts of ESG Compliance

The FAA has reported this morning’s first flight disruption at LaGuardia Airport due to the wildfire smoke-induced low visibility, which has resulted in the grounding of inbound flights.

Dear Trump Supporters,

Another NeoCon/Deep State/Establishment agent is exposed. When the news broke yesterday of the potential indictment of President Trump, many were stunned by the proposed role former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows played;

“Mr Meadows has already given evidence before the grand jury and is said to be cooperating with the investigations into his former boss. It is understood that the former North Carolina congressman testified as part of a deal for which he has already received limited immunity in exchange for his testimony.”

Simply put, President Trump did nothing wrong and this is yet another weaponization, this time, of the law. They are desperately trying to bend, create and squeeze something, anything, to get Donald Trump. As far as Mark Meadows is concerned, he has been part of the establishment along with Mike Pompeo since day one.

Sundance writes, “Keep in mind, as President, Donald Trump had few options on administration personnel. He hired what everyone said at the time were solid Republicans, only to see those same people undermine his efforts whenever possible. Jeff Sessions, Dan Coats, Mark Meadows, Mick Mulvaney, Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo, the list is long, including his Vice President, Mike Pence’

So how many more are there? Many…

Wide-Open borders aren’t good enough for the White House; The Obama-Biden-Harris Administration (yes I wrote that correctly) feels the wide-open border and subsequent rat race to America isn’t allowing their potential voters, I mean illegals, to enter our country fast enough. Even though chaos continues at the border (even before the end of Title 42), the government is pursuing the expansion of a smartphone app that would allow nearly 40,000 asylum-seekers to enter the United States…per month. The app, which began in January, has already helped more than 120,000 migrants secure appointments to enter the U.S.

“Starting in June, officials will allow more migrants waiting in Mexico to secure an appointment to enter the U.S. through a government phone app known as ‘CBP One,’ which the Biden Administration has transformed into the main gateway to the American asylum system” reports CBS News.

But wait, in addition to the app, “Biden” has begun allowing up to 30,000 migrants per month from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela to fly to the U.S. directly if they have American sponsors. In just several months, that program received over 1.5 million applications. Do you all see that the border is the biggest issue right now… well that and election integrity!!!!!!!

Cheese Pizza? Meta’s Instagram Facilitated Massive Pedophile Network

An investigation by the Wall Street Journal and the Stanford Internet Observatory reveals that Meta-owned Instagram has been home to an organized and massive network of pedophiles. Yes, that’s right. Mark Zuckerberg has been promoting pedophilia. Instagram’s own algorithms were promoting pedophile content to other pedophiles, while the pedos themselves used coded emojis, such as a picture of a map, or a slice of cheese pizza. 

According to the researchers, Instagram allowed pedophiles to search for content with explicit hashtags such as #pedowhore and #preteensex, which were then used to connect them to accounts that advertise child-sex material for sale from users going under names such as “little slut for you.”

Sellers of child porn often convey the child’s purported age, saying they are “on chapter 14,” or “age 31,” with an emoji of a reverse arrow.

So for those of you on Facebook and or Instagram…STOP! If all 80 million Trump voters got off these sites for good, it would take a chunk of their ad business. We must not support these horrific businesses.

While we’re on the subject of making it easier on illegals; New York City Mayor Eric Adams proposes housing asylum seekers in private homes; Adams has unveiled a new plan to potentially place thousands of asylum seekers in private residences while compensating local homeowners and landlords. He wants to move beyond housing single migrant men in churches and mosques and explore the option of utilizing private dwellings. According to Sara Carter, Adams emphasized the potential savings that could be achieved by redirecting the estimated $4.3 billion budget for housing the influx of migrants into everyday houses of worship and private residences, rather than corporate entities. 

Over 72,000 individuals have arrived in New York City since last spring according to Adams and he wants to find sustainable housing solutions beyond taxpayer-funded emergency shelters and hotels. For the residences, let’s start with Alec Baldwin, Robert De Niro, Lady Gaga and the Trump-hating Michael Rappaport, please….

A former high-level intelligence officer claims a classified program has recovered UFO wreckage of “non-human” origin. David Charles Grusch, a decorated former combat officer and Air Force veteran, said that secret U.S. military programs have been retrieving vehicles of “non-human origin” for several decades. Grusch has served in various intelligence roles, including as a representative to Congress’ Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force and as co-lead of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) analysis at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. The recovered vehicles, described as non-human origin technical vehicles or spacecraft, are said to have either landed or crashed, sometimes resulting in the recovery of deceased occupants.

Grusch expressed concerns about an unethical public propaganda campaign being used to cover it up. “There is a sophisticated disinformation campaign targeting the U.S. populace which is extremely unethical and immoral,” Grusch said.

UFOs? Cover up? Unethical propaganda? Nah, not in our country…

School Choice Is Winning;

We now have 14 states with solid school-choice programs whereas at the beginning of the year, we had eight. Most of the states with school-choice programs are RED. Go figure. Texas, Ohio, Georgia and Wyoming have pending school-choice plans. Whoohoo!

Oh, yes, and Mikey Pence has put his blue tie, I mean hat, into the ring; Mike Pence announces 2024 Presidential campaign: ‘Together, we can bring this country back.’

“I believe in the American people, and I have faith God is not done with America yet. Together, we can bring this country back, and the best days for the greatest nation on Earth are yet to come,” Pence said in a campaign video with his announcement.

Hmmm, did you mean you have faith the Cabal is not done with America yet, Mike?

EYEGLASS DONATIONS: We will collect spare eyeglasses to donate to the Medical Missions Outreach Optical Program which provides eyeglasses to thousands of people in other countries. See More Here. Thank you to all who have donated!

As we press forward, know that with God, all things are possible and the journey to the kingdom is an inward one. Each must travel their own course and use their own God-given talents and skills to the best of their ability to serve the Lord in their earthly purpose.

God Bless,

Diane Scherff
Trump Club of St Johns County

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1) “Worse Than Yesterday”: Dense Wildfire Smoke Moving Over Nation’s Capital
The FAA has reported this morning’s first flight disruption at LaGuardia Airport due to the wildfire smoke-induced low visibility, which has resulted in the grounding of inbound flights.

As dawn broke on Thursday in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic areas, smoke from hundreds of Canadian wildfires cast a persistent haze and could last another day. The polluted air from our northern neighbors sent air quality in major metro areas to levels worse than in India, sending people with severe health issues such as asthma to the hospital, disrupting air travel, and even postponing professional sporting events. READ MORE

2) Feds inform Trump he is target likely to be indicted as DOJ rebuffs prosecutorial misconduct claim
Federal prosecutors have notified Donald Trump that he is a criminal target and likely to be indicted imminently in a probe into alleged classified documents – even as the Justice Department declined to delay charges to give time to investigate allegations of witness tampering submitted by the former president’s legal team, according to multiple people on Wednesday familiar with the case. READ MORE

3) How Ron DeSantis found a home in Florida’s swamp
Ron DeSantis promised to drain the swamp in Tallahassee. Instead, over more than four years as governor, he has reconfigured the swamp to suit his political needs and shielded it from Florida’s famous sunshine.

In anticipation of his 2024 presidential bid, he pushed the Legislature to change Florida’s resign-to-run law. He revised state policy so he could transfer $80 million in campaign cash to a federal political committee. And just after his official announcement last month, his administration pressured state legislators and lobbyists to aid his presidential campaign while they awaited his decisions on pet projects in the budget. READ MORE

4) Hot Stove: House conservatives revolt against McCarthy over debt deal shortcomings
House conservatives frustrated with the terms of a debt-ceiling deal Speaker Kevin McCarthy negotiated with President Joe Biden have begun to act on their frustrations, upending key votes in protest of the California Republican’s leadership of their GOP conference.

Eleven Republican lawmakers, most of whom are members of the conservative Freedom Caucus, voted Tuesday with Democrats to block the Gas Stove Protection and Freedom Act from proceeding to debate, marking the first time in more than 20 years that a rule has failed to advance in the chamber. READ MORE

5) Chris Licht is out as chairman and CEO of CNN after just over a year.
“Bulletin: Chris Licht is out at CNN,” CNN reporter Oliver Darcy tweeted. Under Licht’s tenure, CNN faced financial woes and declining ratings as the company underwent major programming changes.

The Atlantic published a devastating profile of Licht last week titled “Inside the Meltdown at CNN.” The article showcased a tumultuous year at CNN, and Licht apologized to staffers Monday, saying that he “should not be in the news, unless it is taking arrows.”

His departure also comes as staffers expressed outrage after the network hosted a townhall with former President Donald Trump. READ MORE

From the John Birch Society:

We would like to update you on the outcome of several important bills in the Florida Legislature


We had been monitoring Senate Bill 214 (SB 214), referred to as a “Second Amendment Financial Privacy Act.” This bill prevents financial entities from tracking firearm purchases via credit-card tracking codes, and it comes after the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), an international organization linked to the United Nations, approved creating such a code. SB 214 nullifies the ISO’s dangerous action — and the Legislature and Governor DeSantis enacted the bill into law.

Please continue to contact and meet with your state legislators, urging them to enact legislation that enforces the U.S. Constitution and nullifies unconstitutional federal actions. Furthermore, show your legislators model nullification bills and urge them to enact such legislation.

Sound Money

We had been monitoring House Bill 7049 (HB 7049) and Senate Bill 7054 (SB 7054). These bills amended the state’s definition of money, found in the Florida’s Uniform Commercial Code, to exclude Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), effectively banning them within Florida — a great first step in the wake of the Biden administration’s push to create a digital currency. Thankfully, the Florida Legislature passed SB 7054 by wide margins, and Governor DeSantis signed the bill into law.

Despite this victory, there is still much more that must be done to restore constitutional money in Florida. Continue informing your legislators about the importance of constitutional money, and urge them to take bold action to fully enforce the U.S. Constitution’s monetary provisions.

Medical Freedom

We had been monitoring Senate Bill 222 (SB 222). This bill would have made permanent and strengthened protections against vaccine discrimination by government and businesses — and for all vaccines, not just the Covid mRNA jabs. Unfortunately, the Legislature did not take action on SB 222.

However, the Legislature did enact Senate Bill 252 (SB 252), which strengthens protections against Covid-19 vaccine discrimination by government and businesses. The bill also bans governmental or educational entities from implementing or enforcing “an international health organization’s public health policies or guidelines” unless the Legislature or governor specifically authorize it. Although it could be strengthened, this provision is a good first step toward nullifying the World Health Organization and other unconstitutional world-government organizations.

Contact your state legislators and urge them not to stop with SB 252, but to enact strong legislation that fully protects medical freedom.

Continue Your Education and Action Efforts

The John Birch Society encourages you to remain in contact with and continue educating your state legislators about these and other important issues imperative to keeping our Republic and promoting individual liberty.

Your Friends in The John Birch Society


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