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Dear Trump Club Members,

For those of you who missed our May meeting this week, here is a recap;

Senator Travis Hutson Spoke on various bills which passed from the most recent Florida Legislative Session that ended last Friday. Senator Hutson joked that “Diane always gets me to come to speak the Monday right after session ends…”

Senator Hutson filled us in on the many outstanding bills he introduced and succeeded in passing. For a list of all the bills for the 2023 FL Legislative Session List of Bills/Action

When a political party has a supermajority in both chambers of the Legislature, the Legislative Session is a win for them. This year, with the Republicans in charge, we saw big wins from “restrictive abortion measures to what critics describe as renewed culture wars in education to long-sought changes to tort law.”

Some highlights;

  • An immigration reform measure that would put Florida among states with the strictest state-level rules about migrants who entered the country illegally passed
  • a successful effort to implement a six-week abortion ban, a move that is sure to ignite critics on the Left fighting to protect reproductive freedom.
  • to implement a six-week abortion ban, a move that is sure to ignite critics on the Left fighting to protect reproductive freedom.
  • an expansion to last Session’s Parental Rights in Education bill, expanding the initial prohibition on gender or sexual orientation education through third grade until high school and adding language restricting the use of gender pronouns in the classroom under certain circumstances.
  • passed long-sought changes to tort laws, particularly regarding personal injury protection and property insurance claims, a historic reform needed to hopefully drive insurance prices down. 
  • passed the Live Local Act, an affordable housing bill
  • 7.4 billion budget for higher education in the 2023-24 fiscal year which includes significant spending to elevate conservative education at Florida universities and increase technical and workforce programs.
  • overall, standing up for children and defining childhood. From education and universal choice to protecting life, $250 million in teacher salary increases, removing tech and social media from phones in the classrooms, adjusting school start times, and leading on tax relief for young families.
  • Election integrity
  • tax cuts

Education is one of Sen. Hutson’s passions and he worked diligently on several bills in this area; (to name just a few)…

  • For Charter Schools/home-schooling, the money will now follow the child
  • No more DEI in classrooms
  • no sex changes under 18
  • promotion of vocational classes/schools/grant to help

2) Vicki Jo Polina discussed how helpful Commissioner Dean was with her miscalculated property taxes. If you have questions, visit the property appraiser’s site:

3) Event: Thursday, June 1st, 6:30pm – 8pm: God and Guns @ the FOP.

4) June 12th: Party (no meeting).

5) I spoke about Biden and the WHO’s end of the COVID emergency this Thursday, May 11th and in doing so, Biden will also end the Trump-era Title 42 leaving our border wide open for illegals. Biden’s plans to terminate the emergency immigration restriction will mark a major policy shift in how the U.S. processes migrants who reach the southern border. For three years, Title 42 expelled hundreds of thousands of migrants to Mexico or their home countries on the grounds that their entry could contribute to the spread of the coronavirus. With that gone, what is to stop the almost one million illegals chomping at the bit to enter our great Nation?

As of May 4th, over 700,000 migrants, a foreign population larger than Boston, are currently in Mexico waiting to rush the United States-Mexico border when Biden ends Title 42 on May 11.

Did you know?

  • According to FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) last year, taxpayers paid $182 billion annually to provide services and benefits to illegal aliens and their dependents, offset by approx. $31 billion (net cost $150.7 billion annually ($9,000 per illegal alien). In 2017, the estimated net cost of illegal migration was approximately $116 billion. In just 5 years, the cost to Americans has increased by nearly $35 billion. And that’s WITH TITLE 42!
  • Most of the money goes to K-12 education, @ $78 billion, which must be provided under a 1982 Supreme Court ruling, Plyler v. Doe, for illegal aliens (and their U.S.-born children).
  • Health care for illegal aliens costs taxpayers about $42.7 billion annually. 
  • Food assistance and nutritional programs used by illegal aliens and their children cost taxpayers about $13.5 billion annually. 
  • Combined federal, state, and local criminal justice costs associated with illegal immigration run about $47 billion annually – not including the cost of damages to victims. 

State’s cost burdens have risen, the avg. total fiscal burden of illegal immigration on state taxpayers is $115.6 billion. These state cost figures help citizens and local lawmakers address the burdens imposed by Biden’s open borders policies. Read Republican Sen. Blaise Ingoglia’s bill (SB 1718), to end the incentives people have to cross the border illegally:

  • Make driver’s licenses that other states issue for undocumented migrants invalid in Florida and prohibit Florida counties and municipalities from working with nonprofits to give migrants identification cards.
  • Require hospitals to collect data on a patient’s immigration status.
  • Require employers to use the E-Verify system to ensure a new employee is not undocumented.
  • Upgrade penalties for those employers caught not ensuring that all employees are in the country legally, including suspension of violators’ licenses to operate.
  • Criminalize bringing undocumented immigrants into the state.
  • Allocate $12 million for migrants to be moved as was done last September when the Governor jetted 48 Venezuelans from San Antonio, near the border, to Martha’s Vineyard.

So what is Congress doing about it? 

This week, H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act, will be on the House Floor. (Ahead of the vote, the House Republican Conference is hosting a Media conference to discuss ending the unprecedented border crisis.) 

  • Bill: Mandates Detention or Remain in Mexico Policy to prevent economic migrants and traffickers from exploiting the asylum system and being released into American communities.
  • Establishes Title 42-like Authority to provide DHS additional tools to secure the border and keep American communities safe.
  • Resumes Border Wall System Construction because walls work, 
  • Discourages Asylum Fraud by making illegal aliens who passed through multiple countries without seeking humanitarian relief ineligible for asylum in the U.S.
  • Raises the Credible Fear Standard because the current standard is easily exploited by dubious claims that overwhelm the immigration court system.
  • Reinforces Longstanding Asylum Ineligibility for aliens who could safely resettle in another part of their home country or 
  • Protects Vulnerable Migrant Children from traffickers/cartels by reuniting all unaccompanied alien children with their families back in their home 
  • Keeps Migrant Families Together during removal proceedings and ends the exploitative practice of human traffickers “recycling” migrant kids Forces the Administration to Take the Mexican Cartels Seriously by requiring an examination on whether to designate the cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations.
  • Ends Parole Abuse by returning it to use only “urgent humanitarian reasons” or “significant public benefit.”
  • Mandates E-Verify to cut off the job magnet

There is much more but suffice it to say, stay tuned as the “world continues to turn..” Be careful whom you trust! Yet, NEVER give up hope! Stay calm and WAVE YOUR FLAG!



Diane Scherff
Trump Club of St Johns County


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