I never cared…

I believe more and more people are starting to feel the way I do.

I never cared if you were “gay” or whatever acronym you chose to call yourself, until you started wanting special privileges.

I never cared what color your skin was, until you started blaming me for your problems.

I never cared about your political affiliation, until you started to condemn me for mine.

I never cared where you were from in this great Republic, until you began condemning people based on where they were born and the history that makes them who they are.

I have never cared if you were well off or poor, because I’ve been both, until you started calling me names for working hard to make a better life for myself.

I’ve never cared if your beliefs are different than mine, until you said my beliefs are wrong.

I’ve never cared if you didn’t like guns, until you tried to take my guns away.

Now, I care!

I’ve given all the tolerance I have to give.

This is no longer my problem, it’s your problem. You can still fix it, it’s not too late, but it needs to be soon.

I’m a very patient person. But I’m running out of patience. There are literally Tens of Millions of people just like me that are sick of all the Anti-American crap!

I’ve always cared about life, and all lives, but now you try to force the notion on me and other fellow citizens and patriots that certain lives matter more than others.

You protest, riot, attack, burn, and loot.

Your so-called “movement” has become a radical out-of-control bunch of thugs, criminals, and anarchists who are intent on destroying our Country.

The masses have had enough!

America is the greatest country on Earth, and if you don’t like America then we invite you to leave. We are done caring about your misguided “feelings.”

You don’t have the right to enjoy American freedoms if you are trying to take that right away from me or other Americans.


“Together we will defeat the globalists, Marxists, communists, and the RINOs! This is what we must do to save our country from destruction.”

President Trump May 2023

Dear Trump Supporters,

Rumors, false flags and more scare tactics...what to believe? We are hearing many rumors and warnings of what is coming … market crashes, banks closing, explosions, uprisings, and brawls (like the one in the Chicago O’Hare airport this week Many confusing events have transpired over this last week and it may be hard to decipher. For those of us who have been awakened understand that America is at its precipice. We have made it to the cliff and can see the danger below.

A decade ago, who would have thought; that our own country would develop a virus, use propaganda to produce fear and force a deadly faux ‘vaccine’ to scare its citizens into submission, much less the world; that our individual healthcare choices would be controlled by a made-up globalist organization (WHO); that our own governmental agencies were working in tandem to take down our great Nation from within; that our political leaders sworn to act on our behalf would actually do the opposite; that our once secure election process had been hijacked by an evil cabal who controls who is elected, not the people, and that no one could stop it; that our government would coordinate and pay for illegal immigrant caravans and wide open borders; that an illegitimate president (not born here) could singlehandedly make race a heated issue dividing our Nation (Obama); that most of our presidents (even the faux conservative Bush’s) were BAD; that the wrong man (Biden), a criminal, is illegally put in the White House to further destroy our country; that men could ‘biologically’ become women and vise versa and children would be encouraged to follow suit; that males could participate in female sports; that drag queens could read to, speak amongst and encourage children, that gas ovens may be banned; that our climate would be used as a money-making scheme that so many have fallen for; that America would have a one-teir justice system; that we would allow a foreign-born, Nazi-stomping, America-hating crook pour millions into bribing and electing biased district attorneys; that our cities would be overrun by cooks and law enforcement told to back down; that our history books would be re-written with made-up stories; and mostly, that our Constitutional rights and freedoms would be taken away (speech, religion, guns, etc), in order to facilitate their commuist agenda for America.

This was all going on right under our noses as we worked, raised families and paid taxes…to fund their agenda to destroy America. We didn’t know. Until President Trump made us open our eyes.

Because of him, we see that our FBI and CIA, who created the very social media platforms they use to lie, cheat and spy, are working directly with Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum, to implement the globalist New World Order and that we finally have US Representatives taking them to task. Will FBI’s Christopher Wray, AG Merrick Garland or the Biden’s ever be taken down even with these brave whistleblowers’ testimonies? Maybe not, but the truth is coming out and the American people are seeing what only Trump could tell us. What if we, the American citizens demand the end to these tainted, anti-American governmental agencies and administration through the military? The space force? Foreign allies (true allies)?

We are not in this alone…which is why we must get President Trump elected! He is THE ONLY ONE not being managed nor beholden to anyone else’s money or agenda…

DeSantis Makes his run for President Official; As many of you know, I have known and worked with Ron DeSantis for many years now. I have put on several successful fundraisers for him and Casey, helped him get elected governor twice and had been a supporter of his running for President in 2028. So why now, Ron? You promised to be our governor for your full term. What happened? Did you get swayed by the establishment? Yes. Because the Republican “professional club” HATES Trump and had to find someone to go up against him. This is nothing personal, but we need Trump to get RID of the establishment, not work with them!

We now know he is working with the unscrupulous GOPe (establishment; Bushes, Ed Rollins, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, etc). He is being managed by the NO-WAY-IN-HECK-Trumpers (just like Bush 1 and 2, Pence, Hailey and more). It’s a uni party and it’s dangerous because they don’t care about making America great, only to make it good enough for them to fill their pockets and progress their selfish agenda.

When the Trump Mar-a-Lago raid happened and DeSantis went silent apparently upon instruction from his handlers, it became clear who was controlling him. I understand that he wants wealth and fame, but this is not the way to do it. This move will DIVIDE an already splintered Republican base. But maybe that’s the point. DeSantis is in co-hoots with Elon Musk, who used his Twitter platform to unsuccessfully launch DeSantis’ bid yesterday (don’t be fooled by Musk). He’s working with Rupert Murdoch (who had Ron’s book written and paid for) and Paul Ryan to use Fox for free promotion, and many more “never-Trump” donors from both sides of the aisle. Mark Levin, who hates Trump, is promoting Ron as well.

DeSantis took out FL, and is now; @RonDeSantis. These are just some of the comments being posted;

Trump: I don’t need billionaire GOP donor money

DeSantis: I am completely beholden to billionaire GOP donors

Which situation will best represent We the People?

We saw DeSantis backtrack on Ukraine w/in 48 hours after a few angry phone calls from donors

May 25, 2023 6:52 am

FL might just turn very blue in 2024 with DS running for Pres.Floridians are not going to be happy he just dissed them for a huge money deal to enter the Pres race. If-when he loses the nomination, what will he do to keep FL red if PTrump is the nominee? If he somehow gets the nomination how does he keep FL. voters from turning on him and either not voting or voting Dem.?

He just put the Republican chance for Pres. in a very dicey place by running for Pres. this cycle. Was this part of the plan all along? He is the paid fall guy for both sides now? How to trash your own political career and become the biggest sell out against America in history.

I have to agree with so many people. He is Jeb Bush the second or maybe a Cruz redux but he’s really not as smart as Ted by a long shot so there is that. More Bushie than anything. He could have been such a good man for the country had he just followed the words he has been preaching, (stayed in FL for another four years)since Covid and his gubernatorial runs. He sold out which proves he is a hollow man in it for the money. Bye Ron.

So Ron, I’m sad that you are putting our party and our state in a predicament. I hope you know what you’re doing. No amount of money and fame is worth this…

The W.H.O. warns of another “more deadly COVID; Despite Covid no longer being a global health emergency, the health threat is not over, according to W.H.O. Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus speaking at the World Health Assembly (WHA) in Geneva, Switzerland this week. Tedros warned that the planet should be ready for a disease even deadlier than Covid…”a doomsday Covid variant with the power to send the world back to square one.”

In 2018, the W.H.O. identified nine priority diseases (listed to the right) that pose the biggest risk to public health and deemed to be most risky due to a lack of treatments or their ability to cause a pandemic 

COVID vaccine injury victims sue Biden officials, alleging they’ve been victimized by censorship; Speaking of COVID, the Biden administration is using “threats, pressure, inducement, and coercion” to censor social media groups for COVID-19 vaccine injuries and prevent them from raising money, according to a new First Amendment lawsuit based in part on legal discovery from ongoing state-led litigation. Plaintiffs say they “suffered, and continue to experience, serious and debilitating medical injuries within days (and, in many cases, hours)” of COVID vaccination. And plaintiff Ernest Ramirez says his 16-year-old son died of cardiac arrest five days after the boy’s first Pfizer dose. 

The suit claims their posts about suffering from the vax have repeatedly been flagged as misinformation or been removed by Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and Vimeo, “while their social media accounts are at constant risk of being frozen or disabled.”

The internet social fundraising source, GoFundMe shut down Ramirez’s page as well.

The “vax” injuries are real and in huge numbers all over the world and to sensor this legitimate health crisis on social media and beyond is not only dangerous but un-American.

Target stores unleash huge “Pride” clothing and accessories promotion;

This week, Target was Budlighted (meaning what happens to a company when it pushes woke garbage onto its largely ambivalent LGBTQ+ ideology customer base), due to its promotional expansion of “Pride” products. One week after Target CEO Brian Cornell revealed that “woke” capitalism is “great” for their brand and “the right thing for society,” Target has been scrambling to avoid a disastrous “Bud Light moment” by forcing some stores to remove LGBTQ Pride merchandise as consumer boycott calls mount. 

Many Target locations across the country feature massive June Pride month displays on an annual basis. This year, their “tuck friendly” bathing suits for transgender people, mugs that say “gender fluid,” and trans children items caused an uproar in southern states. The Target Pride merchandise female-style swimsuits that can be used to “tuck” male genitalia. Some products are also labeled as “Thoughtfully fit on multiple body types and gender expressions.” Dear Lord, enough. I stopped going to Target years ago when Obama demanded unisex bathrooms and they complied.

CNN and Fox continue to lose their mojo; As CNN and Fox continue to lose ratings, Newsmax is on the rise becoming the nation’s third-highest-rated cable news channel in prime time. President Trump’s CNN Townhall just over a week ago brought record ratings, to the chagrin of show hosts and their liberal viewers who continue to clash with network executives. To continue the bizarre grab for (in this case a few) conservative viewers, CNN will air a similar Townhall with ineffective Nicki Haley on June 4th. Poor Nicki, doesn’t she realize she’s in last place?

Fox News’ firing of top-rated Tucker Carlson three weeks ago and its continued backstage fiascos have contributed to a loss of market share for the faux conservative network and a significant increase in audience for Newsmax.

Nielsen data for Friday, May 12, shows Newsmax beat CNN in every hour of prime time.

Newsmax’s 8 p.m. slot, “Eric Bolling The Balance,” won the hour with 467,000 impressions, handily beating CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” with 447,000. Newsmax’s new show “Chris Plante The Right Squad” at 9 p.m. pulled an audience of 325,000 impressions, defeating CNN’s Whole Story with 293,000.

On June 4th, CNN will host a town hall event with Nikki Haley after the network previously held a comparable event with former President Donald Trump.

Trump vs Bush GOPe in Austin, TX is underway……..

The Deep State Bush wing of the Texas Republican Party and the pro-Trump wing are vying for power in Texas state politics for the 2024 election cycle. MAGA loyalist Attorney General Paxton is in a battle with TX House Speaker (and GOP Swamper) Dade Phalen, who holds a powerful position in Texas politics. Phalen has been a major roadblock to legislative initiatives that the conservative/MAGA wing wants passed.

The Bush establishment continues to control politics in Texas and beyond.


An illegal causes the death of SJC Seargent; Sergeant Michael Kunovich suffered a fatal heart attack following a violent struggle with an illegal man in the 2500 block of State Road 16 in St. Augustine Friday night.

The man was sitting in the dark outside of a closed business when Sergeant Kunovich approached him at about 9:00 pm. When Sergeant Kunovich attempted to pat the man down for weapons the subject attempted to flee. Sergeant Kunovich and other deputies struggled with the subject for over six minutes, during which the man attempted to disarm him of his taser. After the man was placed in handcuffs he was able to access a pocket knife which had to be forcibly removed from his hands.

Sergeant Kunovich collapsed moments after the man was put in custody.

The man was charged with resisting with violence and felony murder.

Sergeant Kunovich had served with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office for 25 years.

EYEGLASS DONATIONS: We will be collecting any old eyeglasses you may have to donate to the Medical Missions Outreach Optical Program which provides eyeglasses to thousands of people in other countries. See More Here. Thank you to all who have donated!

As we press forward, know that with God, all things are possible and the journey to the kingdom is an inward one. Each must travel their own course and use their own God-given talents and skills to the best of their ability to serve the Lord in their earthly purpose.

God Bless,

Diane Scherff
Trump Club of St Johns County

Follow me on Telegram: Trump Patriots #DScherff
Truth Social: @NFLconservativeleader

Elon Musk’s Twitter Spaces crashed and burned as it tried to host Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ announcement for his 2024 presidential bid


1) Oversight Chair Comer prepared to hold FBI Director Wray in contempt over Biden bribery doc
House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer on Wednesday announced that he would soon meet with FBI Director Christopher Wray to resolve a dispute between House Republicans and the bureau over its refusal to hand over a document that detailed an alleged bribery scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national. READ MORE

2) America First Legal Uncovers Vast Censorship Network Funded by State Department, Bill Gates, George Soros, and Others – That Targeted, Censored and Discredited Independent Media Outlets Who Were Challenging Official Narrative
America First Legal posted a lengthy Twitter thread on Wednesday exposing the State Department’s Global Engagement Center (GEC). The GEC was carrying out US government propaganda through private media organizations.

The Global Engagement Center defines its mission as: “To direct, lead, synchronize, integrate, and coordinate U.S. Federal Government efforts to recognize, understand, expose, and counter foreign state and non-state propaganda and disinformation efforts aimed at undermining or influencing the policies, security, or stability of the United States, its allies, and partner nations.” READ MORE

3) Election integrity advocates say sentences for voter fraud too lenient to serve as deterrence
Election integrity advocates say those charged with voter fraud across the U.S. are indeed being prosecuted but they warn lenient sentences are resulting in little – if any – deterrence to future crimes.

“The good news is [prosecutors] seem to be more aggressive about going against these kinds of cases,” Ned Jones, deputy director of the Election Integrity Network, told Just the News on Monday. “But the sentencing is ridiculous – it’s not harsh enough.” READ MORE

4) GOP chair ‘speechless’ after top FBI official says ‘I just haven’t had time’ to read Durham report
Congressional Republicans condemned FBI Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Jill Murphy at a hearing after she said she has not read special counsel John Durham’s report into her agency’s probe into allegations that former President Donald Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 election.

“I have not yet read the Durham report, sir,” Murphy told House Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement and Intelligence Homeland Security Subcommittee Chairman August Pfluger during a hearing Tuesday.

5) Why Does Florida Senate Bill 7050 Subvert Public Election Transparency?
Questions continue to swirl around Florida election bill SB7050 sponsored by Senator Travis Hutson. Sen. Hutson stated the bill was created by Secretary of State Cord Byrd, the Florida Supervisors of Elections (FSE) and other legislators. Interestingly enough he did not mention any input was adopted from the public or election integrity advocacy groups.

SB7050 contains a clause that allows Gov. DeSantis to run for President while remaining Governor. The clause should have been decoupled from the other election bill provisions that raise questions remaining to be answered or resolved before Gov. DeSantis signs the bill. READ MORE


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