March 5th, 2024

Dear Trump Club of St Johns Members and Trump Supporters,

Super Tuesday, the largest day for voting for both Democrats and Republicans before the November presidential election, is a significant day in the presidential primary race — when 16 states plus the territory of American Samoa, head to the polls. From Alaska and California to Vermont and Virginia, hundreds of delegates are at stake, the biggest haul for either party on any single day.

While much of the focus is on the presidential race, there are also important down-ballot contests. California voters will choose candidates who will compete to fill the Senate seat long held by Dianne Feinstein. The governor’s race will take shape in North Carolina where both parties are fiercely contesting ahead of November. In Los Angeles, a progressive prosecutor is attempting to fend off an intense reelection challenge in a race that could serve as a barometer of the politics of crime.

But the premier races center on Biden and Trump. And in a dramatic departure from past Super Tuesdays, both the Democrat and Republican contests are effectively sealed this year.

Fifteen Republican primaries and caucuses will take place Tuesday, with Democrats in 16 states and territories doing the same.

A total of 865 delegates out of 2,429 are at stake on the GOP side, about a third of the total that will be doled out before this summer’s Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.

Trump has already won 244 delegates.

Timeline for what to expect on Super Tuesday:

Here is an estimated timeline for tonight, so you can plan your evening. All times are EST …

6:00pm : Results expected in Iowa
7:00pm: Polls close in Vermont and Virginia. Caucuses convene in Alaska (Republicans only)
7:30pm: Polls close in North Carolina
8:00pm: Polls close in Alabama, Maine, Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Most polls close in Texas.
8:30pm: Polls close in Arkansas
9:00pm: Polls close in Colorado and Minnesota. Last polls close in Texas. Caucuses convene in Utah (Republicans only)
10:00pm: Polls close in Utah (Democrats only)
11:00pm: Polls close in California. Voting is expected to end in Utah (Republicans only)
Midnight: Voting ends in Alaska (Republicans only)

President Trump is on his way to become the Republican nominee!

Thank you,
Diane Scherff
Trump Club of St Johns County


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