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Dear Trump Supporters,

Summary –

Primaries: Michigan Primary; President Trump trounced Nikki Haley in the Michigan Primary winning a larger share of the vote in Michigan (almost 70%) than he did in South Carolina, New Hampshire or Iowa…suggesting a more decisive victory over Nikki Haley in a nationalized campaign on Super Tuesday. The majority of the 55 delegates won’t be awarded in the primary, but instead at a state convention in early March that’s expected to heavily favor Donald Trump. Thus far, President Trump has taken 9 and Haley 2.

South Carolina Primary: President Trump won South Carolina’s Republican primary on Saturday, easily beating his former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley in her home state and further consolidating his path to a third straight GOP nomination. President Trump has swept much-needed Republican delegates, adding Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Despite losing in SC, where she was governor from 2011 – 2017, Haley is facing growing pressure to leave the race. This week, the Koch Brothers announced a cease in their support for Haley.

The Associated Press declared President Trump the winner immediately after the polls closed statewide at 7 pm, based on an AP survey of Republican South Carolina primary voters which showed Trump far outpacing Haley statewide. 

Interestingly, one poll had to pause counting ballots because the internet was down. You know, even though elections officials have been telling us for years that the machines are not connected to the internet.

And of course, the phenomena I’ve mentioned occurring in our county happened in South Carolina as well…Democrats voting in the Republican Primary to help establishment/leftist Haley. This Liberal deep state strategy of ‘crossover voting’ is an effective tool for Democrats, yet it didn’t help Haley this time around.

El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele blasts George Soros, globalism, and the American financial system at CPAC; What if a president of a nation would stand up radically against the evil elites, and rebuild his/her nation so that the people will prosper? That’s exactly what El Salvador’s President did. Bukele, who won re-election by a staggering 84% of the vote, said of Globalism: “It’s already dead,” and that in America, “dark forces are taking over your country.”

According to Zerohedge, Bukele said the reason El Salvador ended up becoming the “murder capital of the world” was that the people didn’t understand just how radically their society was changing because it happened over a period of decades.

He calls out the Central Banking Apparatus that has sought to centralize control through the appearance of decentralization, NGOs (non-government organizations) and Globalist billionaires such as George Soros. Bukele, himself has drastically reduced crime in his nation by rooting out corruption, and by focusing on “judges, attorneys and prosecutors” first.

We need more like Bukele!

CLOSE THE BORDERS!!!! Another illegal immigrant murders an innocent American; U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed Sunday that the Venezuelan man accused of murdering a University of Georgia nursing student entered the United States illegally but was released under Biden administration parole policies, then slipped away a second time from authorities after an arrest under New York City’s sanctuary policies, according to Just the News.

Jose Ibarra, 26, was arrested by Customs and Border Protection agents on Sept. 8, 2022, after he unlawfully entered the U.S. near El Paso, Texas, but was “paroled and released for further processing,” ICE said.  Ibarra was arrested again a year later, on Sept. 14, 2023, by NYPD officers and charged with acting in a manner to injure a child under 17, yet was released by NY authorities.

“Ibarra is an illegal alien and murdered a young woman the age of my own children,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-GA., wrote on X. “Deportation is not enough. He deserves the death penalty.”

To further the disgust of this heinous, preventable crime, the mainstream media was slow to report the illegal immigration status of the suspect, and the AP ran a story suggesting Riley’s murder “has once again put the spotlight on the dangers female runners face” without mentioning Ibarra’s illegal status!

“This is disgusting, @AP,” former Trump Treasury official Monica Crowley wrote on X. “The killing of Laken Riley had nothing to do with ‘the fears of solo female athletes.’ Her murder is the direct result of Biden’s wide open border that allowed in her illegal alien killer.

100% Agree!




At CPAC on Friday, Nigel Farage voiced his emphatic support of former President Trump; Get this man back in the White House…


The Demise of Vice Media; ViceMedia, valued at $5.7 billion (in 2017), and acquired in 2023 by George Soros and others, announced plans to cut hundreds of jobs and has stopped publishing on Vice has been ridiculed for years for its utterly demented, vulgar and degenerate far-left content including glorifying beastiality, transgender sexualization, and pedophilia.

“The normalization of bestiality and the majority of the other gross garbage Vice was spewing, was definitely a part of a genuine conspiracy to inject Satanic values and morals into our culture. Please die all the way, Vice.” Simon Esler

Republican leaders seem optimistic about a spending deal after meeting with Biden; According to the New York Times, on Tuesday, Congressional leaders said averting a partial government shutdown is plausible by the end of the week. House Speaker Mike Johnson, is facing intense pressure from Biden, Democrats and Senate Republicans to agree to a spending deal even though many Republicans in Congress fiercely object.

“We have been working in good faith around the clock every single day, for months and weeks, and over the last several days, quite literally around the clock, to get that job done,” said Johnson.

Yes, but at what cost? It’s time for Congress to STOP giving money to Ukraine for a war our own CIA is controlling.

The devil went down to Georgia, Fulton County that is; Court proceedings over Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade has transformed into a “Peyton Place” episode, replete with romantic relationships, alleged misuse of funds, and other chaos. Meanwhile, Wade’s reported contact with the White House went largely unmentioned, according to Just the News.

Last year, Willis indicted President Trump and 18 co-defendants over their efforts to challenge the 2020 election results in Georgia. Her hiring of a special prosecutor with whom she has had a romantic relationship, and their apparent co-mingling of money, has raised ethical concerns, so much so that a judge must now weigh a bid to have Willis removed from the case. 


The price of goods and services jumps under Biden; The official rise in the consumer price index for Biden’s first three years in office is 18%. That’s the worst three-year performance since the Jimmy Carter years. 

But the actual price increases for basic necessities that nearly every family pays is much higher than that since the Biden Administration took office:

CIA = MSM; More and more is being written about the role the CIA has played in many “international conflicts,” mainly Ukraine as of late. But you won’t see this in the MSM.


You get the idea.

Turning St Johns County BLUE:

Just as the liberal deep state is trying to take down President Trump, to get to us, the local deep state is doing the same here. The SJC deep state groups who successfully infiltrated some Republican groups in our area continue to make false statements about REPUBLICAN incumbents and our own Trump Club. They are lying to voters to establish a new liberal regime. They want you.

Although we appreciate those who decide to run for county offices, we do not condone those who are being controlled by liberal alliances who continue to lie and spread false propaganda against conservative leaders. We have endorsed our current CONSERVATIVE incumbent county commissioners Henry Dean, Roy Alaimo and Christian Whitehurst as well as Nick Primrose, Republican candidate for House Representative.

Please stand up to these faux-conservative groups who are pushing their puppet candidates and asking SJC Democrats to change party affiliation before the deadline in July so they can vote in the Republican primary.

Ask yourself, why would Democrats want to vote for Republican candidates for the county commission? Because their ring leader is not conservative. Stand up for St Johns County before it’s too late.

Hold on to your faith. The world is changing faster than technology and to be prepared we have to discern between truth and deep-state propaganda.

And stop watching Fox!!!!


God Bless,

Diane Scherff
Trump Club of St Johns County

Follow me on Telegram: Trump Patriots #DScherff


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