“The Trump Club of St Johns County debuted in 2017 as the FIRST pro-Trump, non-chartered organization to educate and inform Americans about President Trump’s agenda. Since the stolen 2020 election, we continue to inform citizens about the Trump Movement (President Trump’s fight to take down the evil deep state), help get pro-Trump-agenda candidates elected, GOTV (get out the vote) and hold elected officials accountable.

The Trump Club’s goals are to inform, educate and decipher conservative issues on the local, state and national levels, continue to promote President Trump’s agenda, support our AMERICA FIRST elected officials and help get true qualified conservative candidates elected like President Trump in 2024!!!.


Rep. Don Bacon (NE-02) released the following statement in honor of the attack on Pearl Harbor, which occurred December 7, 1941.

“The day that will ‘live in infamy’ occurred 81 years ago. The surprise attack by Japan killed 2,403 Americans and destroyed or severely damaged 19 ships. We went on to win the war, but the loss of life was horrific. The lessons from Pearl Harbor remain valid today. A strong military deters aggression and perceived weakness invites a bully. We underestimated our adversary. The Japanese perfected the use aircraft carriers and torpedo technology that enabled them to be used in the shallow waters of Pearl Harbor in ways we did not anticipate.

“We cannot assume other nations think or operate the same we do. There were many studies that showed the United States would prevail in any war with Japan, and we thought the Japanese leadership would not provoke a disaster on themselves. However, the Japanese thought they had no recourse but to attack America on that infamous day in 1941. They thought they could capitalize on our weaknesses.

“Let us not forget the lessons of Pearl Harbor and that deterring war is better than fighting one. Let us remember that ‘peace through strength’ remains true today and pay tribute to those who gave their all for our country.”

Meet Brittney Griner & Marine Paul Whelan.

  • Both Americans.
  • Both were convicted in Russian courts on dubious charges.
  • Both serving multi-year sentences in Russina prison.
  • Brittney hates America
  • Paul Served America!

Guess which one Biden traded a terrorist to free?

Semper fi Paul

Dear Trump Club!

This week, Biden touts success celebrating the fact that he just negotiated a deal with Russia where the United States gave them back a terrorist known as “the merchant of death” in exchange for a professional basketball player who hates America. In other words, we traded a world-renowned arms dealer that took years to catch who represents an existential threat and is now a free man for a pothead that wasn’t smart enough to obey the laws of another country?

Yet, President Trump was able to get three gentlemen back from North Korea without ANY trade.

This is a great example of the ludicrous times we are living in…the complete absurdity of the Leftist and Establishment ideology to use mind games, propaganda and unfathomable outcomes to persuade public opinion. During President Trump’s tenure, we saw the opposite…we were exposed to truth, reality and the evils at work to destroy our American heritage. Many eyes were opened, minds were enlightened and purposes were given to those who could handle the fight. Those of us who have taken our purpose to heart have not stopped believing in our quest to save America. We believe we can achieve peace through strength and an eventual win after many tumultuous and lengthy losses over the last two years.

I’m hearing that people are down…that many are giving up. But we mustn’t give up now!!!

At this point, it appears that President Trump’s work to awaken the masses to the Leftist Globalist Depopulation agenda and more has also exposed the evils in the Republican Party. These people are not just RINOs…they are much worse…they are working with outside forces to stop the America First Trump movement and destroy our country within. This is no longer about politics; left vs right, conservative vs liberal. We are on the precipice of losing our country to greed, power and full government control.

YET….we do have forces working against this evil and we must not quit. There is GOOD NEWS: Elon Musk is revealing secrets through his Twitter files, media companies are filing for bankruptcy and firing staff, SCOTUS is hearing election fraud cases and a case that might give power of the elections back to the state legislatures, not judges, George Soros is losing ground and calling for the takedown of Xi and Putin. Putin meanwhile is succeeding at taking down the WEF’s bio labs in Ukraine, blowing up Time Magazine’s Man of the Year’s Zelensky and his army, identifying the hidden money, and has instituted laws against LGBTQ education to children. Putin has also exposed the child trafficking operation out of Ukraine and the Clinton’s involvement. Furthermore, we do not know which countries are working with Trump and the good guys to save our country and the world from the globalists’ grab.

Locally, we have had to give in momentarily to the liberals who have almost succeeded in ruining and taking over our Republican Party in St Johns County, but not for long. These illegitimate factions who infiltrated our party will eventually eat each other and the true conservatives will hopefully rise to the top. But meanwhile, the Trump Club of St Johns County will grow even stronger and more effective in stopping the liberal indoctrination, child trafficking, medical tyranny, faux propaganda, depopulation agenda and much more. We will not let them turn our country blue!

So who will stand with me and many others who are behind President Trump and his agenda to Make America Great AGAIN? We need your support!

As we press forward, know that with God, all things are possible and the journey to the kingdom is an inward one. Each must travel their own course and use their own God-given talents and skills to the best of their ability to serve the Lord in their earthly purpose.

THE NEXT MEETING is Monday, January 9th!

God Bless,

Diane Scherff
Trump Club of St Johns County

Follow me on Telegram: Trump Patriots #DScherff
Truth Social: @NFLconservativeleader


Brittney Cooper pushes critical race theory, black pseudo-history, and eliminationist rhetoric.

This speech from Rutgers Professor Brittney Cooper, who goes by the name “Professor Crunk,” is one of those moments. As you’ll see in my new video, Cooper represents the nihilistic heart of CRT: she pushes identity politics, pseudo-history, and eliminationist rhetoric to their maximum.

This is a clarifying moment. Contrary to the narrative of the Washington Post and the New York Times that critical race theory is just an honest rendering of American history, Ms. Cooper reveals the truth, that CRT is a flimsy, vengeful ideology that deserves no place in the modern academy. WATCH VIDEO


1) Florida AG Moody issues consumer alert warning about Google Voice scams
Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody issued a consumer alert warning on Tuesday about a Google Voice identity theft scam that appears to be on the rise.

“Scammers are preying on users who post in online marketplaces – posing as buyers in an effort to access a victim’s authentication code,” Moody said. “If the scammer accesses the code and is able to set up a Google Voice account in a victim’s name, they may execute additional schemes that can cause great harm to the original target and potentially many other unsuspecting consumers.” READ MORE

2) FBI agent’s testimony implicates headquarters brass in social media censorship
An FBI agent’s testimony in a freedom of speech case confirms that the bureau ran an operation during the 2020 election that requested social media companies remove content as disinformation, suggesting the government’s requests succeeded about half of the time and were conducted with a “headquarter stamp of approval.” READ MORE

3) Time Magazine Bestows “Person of Year” Award to the World’s Largest Beneficiary of Taxpayer Funding
Comrade rebels, this is as fitting an attribution as one could make, given the state of international affairs.

Time Magazine has decreed their oft coveted “Person of The Year” award to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the world’s richest man as delivered by congress via U.S. taxpayers. The actor-turned-president has bestowed the honor during an announcement on Wednesday by Time Magazine Editor-in-Chief Edward Felsenthal on the TODAY show. READ MORE

4) Two RNC committeemen call for McDaniel to drop out of election for party chair
Opposition to Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s bid for reelection to a fourth term is growing among RNC members, according to two national committeemen.

Roger Villere of Louisiana, former vice chair of the RNC, wrote a letter to McDaniel on Wednesday evening asking her to “honor her commitment” not to seek another term. READ MORE

5) 2 More Secret CCP Police Stations Discovered in LA, New York: Report
A nonprofit group has discovered 48 new overseas police stations with ties to China’s communist regime, including two previously unknown facilities in Los Angeles and New York City. The newly identified sites are among more than 100 police outposts that are spread out across 53 nations. READ MORE

6) Religious broadcasting chief warns marriage bill to spur lawsuits against Christian groups
The CEO of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), Troy Miller, says that there is language in the Respect for Marriage Act that may result in lawsuits being filed against churches and other religious institutions. The Respect for Marriage Act was passed in the Senate Nov. 29 in a 61-36 vote with 12 GOP senators voting yes. READ MORE

7) 23 House Seats Flipped During 2022 Midterm Elections
A total of 23 seats in Congress flipped political parties during the 2022 midterm elections, data shows.

Of the 23 seats that switched political parties, 16 seats flipped from Democrat to Republican and seven flipped from Republican to Democrat. READ MORE

8) UK Govt. Data Shows C19-Boosted Kids Are up to 137x MORE Likely to Die from C19 Than Unvaxed Kids
“In regard to Covid-19 deaths, the ONS reveals that the mortality rate among unvaccinated children aged 10 to 14 equates to 0.31. But in regards to one-dose vaccinated children, the mortality rate equates to 3.24 per 100,000 person-years, and in regards to triple vaccinated children, the mortality rate equates to a shocking 41.29 per 100,000 person-years,” The Exposé found. READ MORE

9) Supreme Court Hears Case That Could Empower State Legislatures, Not Judges, to Regulate Elections
North Carolina Republicans told the Supreme Court on Dec. 7 that the U.S. Constitution gives state legislatures preeminent authority to make the rules for presidential and congressional elections without interference from the courts. The case is important because, if the high court finds for North Carolina, the rules governing how states regulate federal elections could change dramatically. READ MORE

10) AOC Under Investigation by House Ethics Committee
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is under investigation for ethics violations, the House Ethics Committee announced on Dec. 7. The brief announcement said only that “the Acting Chairwoman and Acting Ranking Member of the Committee on Ethics have jointly decided to extend the matter regarding Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which was transmitted to the Committee by the Office of Congressional Ethics on June 23, 2022.” READ MORE

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Mattel’s “American Girl” Publishes Book Pushing Puberty Blockers, Gender Transitioning To 3 to 12 Year Olds

The American Girl brand released a book titled A Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image. The book pushes gender transitioning on kids aged 3-12. In the book is advice to kids on how to change their gender including discussing puberty blockers and providing a list of organizations for kids if they don’t have an adult they trust.

The owner of the American Girl Doll brand, toy giant Mattel, has refused to explain why the company has published a book promoting puberty blockers amid a growing backlash from parents. A Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image was released on November 1 and targeted children ages 3-12. The book contains advice about how to change gender – without their parent’s blessing and attempts to teach pre-teen girls ‘to live comfortably in their own skin.’

A passage in the book – marketed to girls between the ages of three and 12 advises: ‘If you haven’t gone through puberty yet, the doctor might offer medicine to delay your body’s changes, giving you more time to think about your gender identity.’

Many customers were outraged over what the book included.



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