Trump Club Bundler Information

The Trump Club of St Johns County was formed in 2017 as the FIRST pro-Trump, non-chartered organization, and continues to educate and inform members about President Trump's agenda, increase awareness of the Democrats fight to regain power, help get pro-Trump candidates elected and GOTV (get out the vote) and FUNDRAISING for President Trump in 2020 and the Trump Victory Finance Committee!

If you would like to donate to President Trump's campaign:

Pay by check made out to Trump Victory Campaign and add the name and #:

Bundler Name: Diane Scherff
Bundler ID: 4634

Mail Checks to: 310 First Street, SE; Washington, DC 20003

Fill out the enclosed form BELOW.

Current Members and their Guests (4).
Enter the Name and Email (Required) for each guest.
You can invite up to four (4) non-member guests.
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If you have recently moved into the are within the last year.

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List two (2) references - Current 2024 Trump Club Members. If your references are not current members, your application will be returned.
By signing below, I/we accept and agree to the terms of attendance as stated and request to receive email correspondence. Trump Club of SJC reserves the right to refuse or cancel any membership, if deemed necessary, for the good of the organization. No Recording Devices are to be used at Trump Club Meetings without the express written permission from the Trump Club SJC Board of Directors. If you posed for our staff photographers and provided your name, you may email us for a copy. Use of the Trump Club of SJC name and logo are expressly prohibited except as approved in writing by its Board of Directors.
Once your application is reviewed, you will be notified by email how to pay your dues.