The Trump Club’s goals are to inform, educate and decipher conservative issues on the local, state and national levels, continue to promote President Trump’s agenda, support our AMERICA FIRST elected officials and help get true qualified conservative candidates elected.

“The ultimate determinant in the struggle now going on for the world will not be bombs and rockets but a test of wills and ideas-a trial of spiritual resolve: the values we hold, the beliefs we cherish and the ideals to which we are dedicated.” Ronald Reagan

Dear Trump Supporters,

Another shooting this week at a Christian School in Nashville, this time by a biological woman who feels she’s a man. And even though three children and three adults were massacred, Leftist groups such as the Trans Resistance Network are claiming that the “real victim is the “trans” shooter, 28-year-old Audrey Hale, who identifies as Aiden, because he/she had no other way to effectively be seen than to lash out by taking the lives of others.” Are we conditioning our children to this nonsense? No.

Just as New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg got major pushback for his plan to arrest & indict President Trump, the deep state needed another false flag…once again they used a sick individual to murder innocent people to push gun control.

Hale left behind a manifesto before entering the school armed with two assault-style firearms and a 9-millimeter pistol, officials said. Law enforcement later confiscated a sawed-off shotgun, a second shotgun and other evidence at Hale’s home, and the parents whom she lived with, claimed she only had one gun but sold it. What the heck?

When will this stop? The world must wake up to this evil agenda and protect our children.

Please pray for the victims of The Covenant School shooting in Nashville this week where three nine-year-old children and three adults were mercilessly gunned down. Nashville is blessed with a dedicated, brave and well-trained police department that acted quickly and stopped the attack (scroll down to see the video), which saved many lives. The victims are pictured below. God Bless them and their families.

William Kinney, 9
Evelyn Dieckhaus, 9
Hallie Scruggs, 9

Katherine Koonce, 60
Cynthia Peak, 61
Mike Hill, 61

And here are two of the heroes who thwarted the shooter’s plan to kill even more victims.

MNPD Officers Rex Engelbert, a 4-year veteran, and Michael Collazo, a 9-year veteran, were part of a team of first responders to the Covenant campus Monday morning. They fired on the active shooter, who was killed. See their bodycam footage below in the next section.

Office Rex Engelbert
Office Michael Collazo

IRS Has Already Added 19,000 Agents for Next Year, but it was a conspiracy theory right? Mike Palicz from Americans for Tax Reform reminds us that the White House flat-out lied when they said these new hires were only replacing retirees, even though the funding to double the size of the agency was ON TOP OF the IRS’s existing appropriations; “Nearly every media outlet lied to protect Democrats during IRA passage by claiming 87,000 new IRS agents were needed to keep pace with staff attrition. Well here you go, 19,000 *additional* IRS agents by next year.”

The White House promises these agents won’t be employed to target their political enemies. Then we read this chilling story in yesterday’s WSJ:

“House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan sent a letter Monday to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen seeking an explanation for why journalist Matt Taibbi received an unannounced home visit from an IRS agent. We’ve seen the letter, and both the circumstances and timing of the IRS focus on this journalist raise serious questions.”

Phillip Todd, a staffer of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), was attacked in Washington, D.C., over the weekend Phillip suffered a life-threatening “deep knife wound to the head” and injuries to the abdomen, skull, brain and lungs. His wounds required surgery. The thug who stabbed him had been in prison since 2011 and was released one day before the incident. The D.C. Metropolitan Police Department said Monday that Glynn Neal, 42, was arrested and charged with “Assault with Intent to Kill (Knife)” in connection to the incident Saturday.

Thankfully, earlier this month the federal government overrode the D.C. City Council’s proposed changes to the district’s criminal code that would have relaxed violent crime penalties just like in NY and CA. Relaxing criminal punishments doesn’t do anyone any good except the deep state Soros dogs. We ask for prayers for Todd’s recovery.

Bombshell Vax Analysis Finds $147 Billion In Economic Damage, Tens Of Millions Injured Or Disabled; A new report, from Research firm Phinance Technologies, founded and operated by former Blackrock portfolio manager Ed Dowd estimates that 26.6 million people were injured, 1.36 million disabled, and 300,000 excess deaths can be attributed to COVID-19 vaccine damages in 2022 alone, which cost the economy nearly $150 billion. Although these numbers are bad, I fear they are even higher, with MANY more deaths attributed to the “jab.” I also don’t fully trust anything from BlackRock but wanted to share.

Interesting analysis; “I’ve asserted for quite some time that, while it may pale in comparison to the Crimes Against Children truths that many of us believe/know nest at the heart of the war against the Globalist Deep State, the COVID-19 Scamdemic is one of the greatest and most coordinated—and damaging—PsyActs ever perpetrated on the American—and worldwide—populations.

While this is hardly a good thing, the fact that every man, woman and child you know was either directly or indirectly affected by vaccine mandates, government overreach or social brainwashing and strife as a result of said brainwashing means the resultant Narrative Whiplash will hit that much hard—and be that much more effective—when it comes around, providing fertile psychological ground to push the throttle down on the Great Awakening.” — Burning Bright

EYEGLASS DONATIONS: We will be collecting any old eyeglasses you may have to donate to the Medical Missions Outreach Optical Program which provides eyeglasses to thousands of people in other countries. SEE MORE HERE

As we press forward, know that with God, all things are possible and the journey to the kingdom is an inward one. Each must travel their own course and use their own God-given talents and skills to the best of their ability to serve the Lord in their earthly purpose.

THE NEXT MEETING/SOCIAL: Monday, April 10th 6:30pm – 8:00pm

God Bless,

Diane Scherff
Trump Club of St Johns County

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Police Officers Release Body Camera Footage of Suspect Takedown in Nashville School Shooting: Video

Thanks to heroic police, lives are saved as shooter Audrey Hale dies at the hands of the police who engaged and eliminated the threat. Today the police released bodycam footage from multiple members of law enforcement as they entered the school in Nashville Tennessee to take down the suspect. They didn’t pause, they didn’t wait, they didn’t listen to any Obama-Soros liberals who may have wanted them to wait as they did in the Uvalde massacre.


1) Bombshell Vax Analysis Finds $147 Billion In Economic Damage, Tens Of Millions Injured Or Disabled
A new report estimates that 26.6 million people were injured, 1.36 million disabled, and 300,000 excess deaths can be attributed to COVID-19 vaccine damages in 2022 alone, which cost the economy nearly $150 billion. READ MORE

2) Durham bombshell: Prosecutor unveils smoking gun FBI text message, ‘joint venture’ to smear Trump
Special Counsel John Durham is revealing new smoking gun evidence, a text message that shows a Clinton campaign lawyer lied to the FBI, while putting the courts on notice he is prepared to show the effort to smear Donald Trump with now-disproven Russia collusion allegations was a “conspiracy.”

In a bombshell court filing late Monday night, Durham for the first time suggested Hillary Clinton’s campaign, her researchers and others formed a “joint venture or conspiracy” for the purpose of weaving the collusion story to harm Trump’s election chances and then the start of his presidency. READ MORE

3) Manhattan grand jury in Trump hush money case to break for a month: reports

The Manhattan grand jury hearing evidence regarding former President Donald Trump’s alleged role in a hush money payment sent to adult film actress Stormy Daniels is reportedly expected to take a month-long break. Any possible indictment of Trump would be pushed to late April at the earliest, according to multiple media reports. The break was reportedly pre-planned. READ MORE

4) Biden’s latest target in his war on appliances: air conditioning units
Is there a war on appliances? Or is it a war on you? I’d tell you to keep your cool, but that’s going to be hard when Team Biden takes away your air conditioner. And the Biden administration certainly has an appetite for regulating household appliances in a way that seems calculated to make your life worse.Many readers will remember the Biden team’s recent abortive effort to regulate gas stoves largely out of existence. READ MORE

5) DHS heavily redacted Disinformation Board emails despite claiming agency had nothing to hide
When the existence of the Disinformation Governance Board burst into public view, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said there was nothing sinister to hide and claimed the office was rooted in “best practices.” A year later, Mayorkas’ department is refusing to let Americans see most of the legal justifications and talking points it created to defend the now-disbanded board from “blowback,” FOIA documents. READ MORE

The Fourth Branch of the US Government…the U.S. intelligence community will target anyone viewed as a threat to their interests. 

The US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) constructed and supports the weaponized political agenda of the Intelligence Community (IC) and holds the powerful position to control it. The Twitter files have identified SSCI’s support for weaponized government as outlined by Matt Taibbi and the efforts of The Dept of Homeland Security (DHS), FBI and CISA to control speech and content within the platform. Look at the “TicTok ban” legislation (SB686), which is a fraudulent move for total internet control by the intelligence community.

This month, Joe Biden’s handlers announced that government control of internet content was now officially a part of the national security apparatus. The “National Cybersecurity Strategy,” aligns with a total U.S. surveillance system, where the government will decide what is information, disinformation, and misinformation, then act upon it. Senate Bill 686 READ SB686 HERE

, “The Restrict Act” also known as the bipartisan bill to empower the executive branch to shut down TikTok,has very little to do with TikTok and everything to do with the United States government controlling online content.

According to an article in Treehouse Conservative, SB686 allows congress to give the Commerce Department and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence the power to shut down internet content they view as against their interests.

This is dangerous.

Why I’m Endorsing Donald Trump for President

by Mike Huckabee

Donald Trump was my 2nd choice for President in 2016. My first choice was ME! When I didn’t make it, I endorsed, supported, and campaigned for Donald Trump. As President, he exceeded my expectations in implementing the America First policies that were long overdue to truly Make America Great Again. I surprised most of my friends and some of my enemies in supporting Trump. He often said things that were cringe-worthy, and some of the labels he affixed to political opponents and the media were harsh, if not accurate and incredibly funny. I didn’t like all his Tweets or his comments from the podium. And when people asked how I could support him I said it was like choosing a doctor to do surgery on a member of my family. If my choice was between a kind, loving, praying surgeon who had the bedside manner of a pastor but who had never successfully done that particular surgery or a surgeon who was gruff, bombastic, and impatient, and who had the bedside manner of a schoolyard bully but had successfully done that surgery hundreds of times, I’d pick the guy with the questionable personality but the experienced and skillful surgical hands.

Voting for a President is not like being on a church pulpit committee and hiring a pastor. Ideally, I’d love to have people in office who share my political views as well as my personal views and my personality. But in the same way I choose someone to work on my car, fly the plane I’m on, repair my home air conditioner, or dry-clean my suits, I select people to work for me who are the best at what they are hired to do. There was a reason that people were lined up on the sidewalk to get soup from “Soup Man” that we all saw on Jerry Steinfeld. The soup was good, even if “Soup Man” was an insufferable grouch.

There are going to be some very fine people running for President in 2024 and some who could prove to be as worthless as a milk bucket under a bull, but I will again personally support President Trump so he can finish what he started during his first term. He accomplished more to make America Great Again than any President in my lifetime—and that goes back to Eisenhower. There were Presidents who were more articulate and had a more engaging sense of humor, such as Kennedy and Reagan. There were some who had great legislative savvy, such as Lyndon Johnson. Some were truly decent and kind human beings, such as Jimmy Carter and George Herbert Walker Bush. But no President helped the country get steered away from the insanity of socialist economics and insane polices on energy, the military, and the proper role of the courts as did Donald Trump.

His tax and regulatory reforms put more than $4000 in the pockets of working-class families. His energy policies provided us with affordable energy for our cars and homes and made us energy independent over Middle Eastern countries who hated us for the first time in 75 years. His “tough love” to European nations who were derelict in paying their agreed-to dues for NATO actually saved NATO. He was the first President since Reagan to NOT get us into a war, yet he advanced the pay and benefits of our military and focused on our armed forces being lethal instead of being woke. In 2016, I introduced him in New York to 1000 pastors and said I wasn’t sure he could find John 3:16 in a marked New Testament, but NO President ever did more for religious liberty than Donald Trump. NO President was ever as pro-life as he was, not just in what he said, but what he actually DID. And he had the guts to move our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, recognize it as the rightful capital of the Jewish state, and enact the ground-breaking Abraham Accords.

Maybe there are other conservative candidates for President who would do well, but who else could take and endure the relentless hate he faced and the never-ending persecutions and prosecutions of the demonic deep state?

Donald Trump is far from perfect, but then so am I. And so are you. But I love my country and I don’t want it to be in second place or third. I want it to be FIRST. And I’ll put up with a personality that can be at times vain and vulgar in order to make America Great Again and that’s why I will support him again for President.

J6 Prison Choir #J6PC

J6 Prison Choir consists of individuals who have been incarcerated as a result of their involvement in the January 6, 2021 protest for election integrity after President Donald J. Trump stated “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard”. The J6PC continues to make their voices heard through the power of music and sings “The Star Spangled Banner” every evening before bed. MORE INFORMATION

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