May 22nd, 2020
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As we anxiously await for Florida to enter Phase Two of our great Governor's reopening plan, DeSantis is hitting back at the media who claim Florida's COVID numbers are off. While visiting a nursing home in Florida this week with Vice President Pence, Governor DeSantis was questioned about the woman who claims that she was terminated from her role of managing the Florida Department of Health's COVID-19 dashboard for refusing to manipulate data. According to several news sources, the woman, Rebekkah Jones, has several active criminal charges against her in Florida, including cyberstalking and cyber sexual harassment.

The DeSantis administration said that Jones was fired for insubordination, disputing allegations that she was terminated for refusing to manipulate data. But of course, the media pushed and Governor DeSantis, who is usually more controlled, opened up and spoke from his heart. Finally, we have a strong Governor who will stand up to the liberal media.

Governor DeSantis stated that Jones was "not involved in collating any data, adding she does not have the expertise to do that. She is not an epidemiologist." Jones apparently was not the chief architect of the state's web portal. "That is another false statement, and what she was doing was, she was putting data on the portal, which the scientists didn't believe was valid data." He said she was let go because "she didn't listen to the people who were her superiors," and for other reasons.

I'm impressed for so many reasons with Governor DeSantis, but especially in his handling of the COVID breakout in Florida, his handling of this woman, and for claiming his strength against the bullying media.

Keep up the great work, Governor DeSantis!

Click on the link below to see the press conference:

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Diane Scherff
Trump Club, SJC
Check out the CDC website:

In order to maintain state orders of social distancing and no indoor groups of 10+, both MAY AND JUNE meetings are canceled!

Thank you County Administrator Hunter Conrad for an informative Conference call last week!
Thank you to all who joined the call!

Weekly Reflections by Diane Scherff
Phase One
By Diane Scherff  5.21.20

What do blueberries, avocados and barley have in common?

They are all agricultural products now on the list of eligible exports to China as part of the historic U.S./China Trade Deal signed in January which has taken a step forward this week, according to the Department of Agriculture and the Trade Representative's Office.  China is now accepting more US products than ever before in phase one of the deal this week in its commitment to fulfill the $40 billion agreement to purchase agricultural goods despite the recent strained relationship between Beijing and the White House due to China’s abhorrent handling of COVID-19.

“China has worked with the United States to implement measures that will provide greater access for U.S. producers and exporters to China’s growing food and agricultural markets,” U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said in a statement on Fox News.

From Robert Blau
Reopenings Around the World
By Robert Blau

While a lot of American media focus has been on the pace of reopening in different states in the USA, here is a run-down of COVID business, school and other reopenings around the world, based on mostly international media reports:

Let’s start with Europe, where the pandemic hit with great severity, both on the medical and business sides.  We remember how tragic the scenes and case/fatality statistics were early on in Italy and Spain.  An economic factoid reflecting Europe’s economic woes is that automobile sales across the European Union are down 77 percent compared to a year ago.
• Italy:  As of this week, facing an overall GDP decline of 10 percent, Italians could attend in-person Mass and enjoy meals and drinks at newly reopened (social-distanced) bars and restaurants.  Stylists wearing face shields gave clients haircuts in salons and barbershops in Milan.  Venice gondoliers wore face masks while transporting people along the Grand Canal – where weeks earlier boat traffic was virtually nonexistent.  Guards in hazmat suits took the temperature of the faithful entering St. Peter’s Basilica, where Pope Francis celebrated Mass for a handful of people to commemorate the centenary of the birth of St. John Paul II.
• Spain:  Spain is emerging from a strict lockdown after COVID-19 killed more than 27,000 people in the country and infected more than 277,000.  Madrid and Barcelona are still largely shut down while the rest of the country has begun to reopen.  Spain’s health minister says the government will consider making the use of face masks mandatory in public spaces; they are currently only mandatory on public transport.

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From The White House
Growing up in Detroit 
HUD Secretary Ben Carson saw firsthand what a special place the “Motor City” is. “It used to be the most prosperous city in the United States, if not the world. Largely due to their manufacturing capacity,” he says.
Today, Secretary Carson returned to his hometown with President Trump, where they took a close look at how the rebirth of American manufacturing is revitalizing the city—and helping all of America defeat the Coronavirus. 
“Now in cooperation with this President and this Administration, Detroit is engaged in producing personal protective equipment, PPE, as well as things like ventilators at the automobile factories,” Secretary Carson said. “This Administration is doing everything it can to make sure we have PPE for everybody who needs it in this country.”
At Ford Motor Company’s Rawsonville plant today, President Trump saw firsthand how one company quickly repurposed its assets to support frontline medical workers.
Ford Motor’s story resembles that of many great companies across America. In March, Ford and General Electric announced a partnership to meet President Trump’s call to increase our national ventilator stockpile. As a result, the two firms are producing 50,000 of these critical machines in just 100 days.
Coronavirus isn’t the first time American manufacturing has stepped up during a time of need. During World War II, our nation’s factory floors became essential suppliers of military equipment. Ford’s Willow Run assembly plant in Michigan, for instance, famously helped lead the charge by producing a B-24 bomber every hour.
Once again, many American workers will go down as heroes during a global crisis.
To help mobilize this historic effort, President Trump recently rolled out a new plan to strengthen our strategic national stockpile. Working with Congress, he secured $16 billion to grow our reserve of critical supplies such as ventilators, masks, respirators, and pharmaceuticals—ensuring America is fully prepared to meet any future challenge.

While in Michigan, President Trump also participated in a listening session with African-American leaders. Earlier this week, he hosted a meeting of his  White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council , discussing how the Administration can continue to support distressed, underserved communities during the pandemic.
“Before the virus, African-American unemployment reached its lowest level in history, and African-American poverty reached its lowest level in history,” President Trump said today. Soon, our country will be rebuilding stronger than ever before.
“You’re going to see some incredible numbers,” the President said.

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